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  1. Frank Gallagher

    Amateur Hour

    Yet another goal review howler, who the duck is actually running this shiat show?
  2. Frank Gallagher

    Possibly The Most Underatered Player Of The Modern Era

    I nominate Stewart Dew, IMO owns goal of the modern era, helped the Hawks no end yet during their prime yet no one (except Hawk fans) would even remember him, a Clarko special!!
  3. Frank Gallagher

    What's The Go With Ben Brown?

    Can't say I've seen a lot of him this season but from what I have seen he's been shiat, I rated him a top 3 KF last year, looks like a top up VFL player ATM, what gives North fans? Seems to have gone off since his staging hit the news.
  4. Frank Gallagher

    Dane Rampe

    Could've single handedly cost his side 2 wins out of the last 3 games through bizarre behavior, what gives?
  5. Frank Gallagher

    Our Game Is In Trouble

    Saw some bizzare frees paid tonight, I reckon fans of both teams were left dumbfounded more than once, why are the AFL activly trying to make our game harder to umpire with these ridiculous new rules? FTR umpiring didn't cost us the game but damn i'd hate to see a GF umpired like that, sh*t...
  6. Frank Gallagher

    Dusty Hit

    Good night irene!! Might not end up being a bad thing for him, looks like he's losing the plot a bit.
  7. Frank Gallagher

    Bold Decisions Are Needed

    We all whinge and moan about umpiring and the new rules that filter in on a yearly basis, why don't we start thinking how to make the game easier to umpire? And maybe get a few more kids playing as well. 1: abolish the throwing the ball rule, make it open slather, why do we care so much about...
  8. Frank Gallagher

    Swearing at umpires

    Happened a lot tonight, and from players who should know better, Ablett - Pendlebury - Beams - Danger to name a few and not one 50 paid, clear audio every time. Well done AFL, the junior umpires around the country thank you.
  9. Frank Gallagher


    Fine at most IMO, it's a slippery slope if they start handing weeks out for that.
  10. Frank Gallagher

    Richmond-Gold Coast blatant draft tampering

    So the Suns decide not to match the Lynch deal, low and behold less than 2 hours later 2 Richmond players are off to the Suns at discounted rates (swap of future 3rd round picks, or around pick 50), call me cynical bit this is blatant draft tampering, i would love to see the contract details of...
  11. Frank Gallagher

    We need to talk about mod powers

    First of all, i sent an email to the admins and it's now been 2 weeks and i've yet to get a reply, the email was about the serious infraction i recieved from posting in the Richmond - Collingwood post game thread (Richmond board), now 99.9% of us know the Richmond board tag no 'opposition...
  12. Frank Gallagher

    Poster of the year

    Frank nominates The Gimp, no one has made me laugh harder than him. Re.
  13. Frank Gallagher

    Prediction - 2019 Final 8

    Here's my prediction. GWS Collingwood Melbourne West Coast Geelong Port Sydney Dogs (9th) Richmond.
  14. Frank Gallagher

    Why Are The Umpires Wearing Lime Tonight?

    We have Melbourne with dark blue and red and Hawthorn wearing predominantly yellow and the umpires lime? WTF? What's wrong with ******* white?
  15. Frank Gallagher

    3 Finals, 3 Shellackings

    Gotta say the finals series hasn't exactly lived up to the hype, if tonights game goes to form it'll be 4 fizzers.
  16. Frank Gallagher

    Game Day Richmond V Williamstown

    Tiger currently 4 goals down and 2 players down, pretty good game.
  17. Frank Gallagher

    2018 HSUN Player Of The Year - Brodie Grundy

    Congrats big fella, well deserved, now for Charlie.
  18. Frank Gallagher

    The Jolly Roger Rides Again!

    Our (unofficial) interstate final flag hasn't been seen for a while, may he fly proud Saturday week.
  19. Frank Gallagher

    Top 4 Is Set

    Richmond v Hawks MCG West Coast v Collingwood Perth. Lets get it on!!
  20. Frank Gallagher

    Best Goal Of All Time

    There has been some doozies. Mine goes to Daicos (and i could've chosen many), 1990 v Geelong, running left foot from 50 on the boundary, pound for pound i rate it above his inverted banana, players don't do that sh*t now days, to be running flat out and being able to execute off your non...