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  1. Membling

    List Mgmt. 2020 Draft Watch

    Usually, this would (hopefully) be way too early to start up unless you support Carlton or Melbourne. However with things as they are, I need something footy related to speculate on outside of "will be play again this year". So, lets talk the potential of the 2020 Draft (if it goes ahead)...
  2. Membling

    Roast Vent Thread

    Dusty and Cripps go for it You're welcome desTROY
  3. Membling

    Strategy Game plan, positioning and everything else.

    Thought that it may be an idea to start a topic purely relating to game plan, strategy and tactics for this year as we are almost at the season proper. One of the most debated (and angst worthy) topics from season 2014 was that of our game plan, largely a lack of plan b. Have a look at the...
  4. Membling

    Policies: What do you want to see?

    As the title says, what policies would you like to see to improve Australia in the medium and long term? Personally I am holding out for a government that would try and proactively try and shift our economy away from a two-sped one. Proactive policy in regards to research and development of...
  5. Membling

    No Oppo Supporters Swans v Hawks - the thread where we let it all out (READ OP FIRST)

    Moderator Note: Use this thread to voice your frustrations, anger, disappointment and everything else from the Grand Final and NOT in other threads. Any new threads that get started about the game will be merged into this one. Because it's a vent thread, we'll be a little more lenient than in...
  6. Membling

    World Cup Ref howler watch

    As the name implies, the decisions that are ridiculously bad and a touch iffy. Tonights: The penalty decision Croatia's disallowed goal. Can confidently say will not be the last poor decisions this tournament.
  7. Membling

    Swans mids

    Now, in the unlikely event that the removal of cola biting and the coupling of a possibility of a few good f/s and academy players, the swans may need to move a mid on. Players such as may find a new home (all contracted): Hannebery Parker Mitchell Swans need a first ruck and KPD. So in this...
  8. Membling

    News 2014 Season (Swans Player News and Updates)

    Best 22 from FB: Nick Malceski, Heath Grundy, Nick Smith HB: Rhyce Shaw, Ted Richards, Jarrad McVeigh C: Lewis Jetta, Ryan O’Keefe, Ben McGlynn HF: Dan Hannebery, Lance Franklin, Kieren Jack FF: Tom Mitchell, Kurt Tippett, Gary Rohan Fol: Mike Pyke, Josh Kennedy, Craig Bird Int: Adam...
  9. Membling

    Autopsy Swans Vs Pies: 3 Things That You Learned - R20,2013

    Feel that there wasn't a huge amount to be learnt from that game so instead feel it may be more beneficial (see therapeutic) to actually break the game down: First and fore most our midfield got done. Was it that the pies were better, timing our/their run or just their night. Either way we...
  10. Membling

    Preview Round 19: Swans v Bulldogs, Sunday 1.10pm at Etihad

    WHERE AND WHEN: Etihad, Sunday, Aug 4, 1.10pm Swans are coming up against the 15th placed Bulldogs and a win is the only option that is possible for the Swans if they want to keep their aspirations alive. Last week Swans downed another finals bound side in the Tigers at the same venue by 47...
  11. Membling

    List Mgmt. General Trade/Draft/Free Agency Discussion/Speculation

    As the season is effectively ended for quite a few teams and our ever growing depth will be probed and prodded by other clubs, it is time for a thread for this discussion to call home. I'll start of with one of two players I really want us to draft in: Both of these write ups are taken from...
  12. Membling

    By the byeing a holiday

    So, with a weekend of no footy for us to be REALLY interested in as both Seniors and Ressies are having a holiday, what are your plans? For me it is boring as it comes with an essay due on Monday so I'll probably be procrastinating until Sunday Arvo.
  13. Membling

    Things you've learned in DT 2013

    As the title suggests it is thing that you have learnt for this year. I'll start it rolling: 1. You are always best off trusting two premo rucks 2. If a player has had nil to very limited preseason chances are they won't be in round one 3. Mature age rookies value far outweigh 18yo rooks 4...
  14. Membling

    Hanners at Fall's

    Knock on wood but big love to the kid to being our controversial moment this year. If someone being a passenger in a runaway can that didn't injure someone it sounds a successful off season. Because so far we'be had: Adelaide salary cap, collingwood and essendon drugs, Buddy contract that will...
  15. Membling

    Competitions SC and DT for Swans - only place for dt/sc answers.

    As semi-implied by the title, this is a thread for relevant players for the Swans. This is for all to post thoughts and questions on Swans players in terms of TOG, possibility of game, pecking order, expected best 22, expected output etc etc. Possible Relevant players: JPK Jack Jetta Mitchell...
  16. Membling

    What roles/position should your go for this draft and trade period?

    After looking at many threads and phantoms there doesn't seem to be a consensus of what clubs need. This isn't an I want that player thread simply stating positional needs. So I'll begin. This year for swans we need: 1. KPF: With Goodes up forward for probably 2-3 years at best Sydney need to...
  17. Membling

    Opinion The early trade scouting thread

    As the title suggest this is the tread whereby we discuss the possibility of possible targets come years end. As our strategy is to give fringe players a chance i'll get the ball rolling by suggesting some names: Levi casboult Tom Gillies Ricky Henderson Shaun Mckernan Sam Blease Alex...
  18. Membling

    Opinion The mini draft picks.

    Hey all, I'm curious as to what a pick in the mini draft would approximately cost this year as I peraonally believe that the swans should have a crack. So as supports of the club what do you realistically want from each club for the number one pick?
  19. Membling

    2012 Draft

    Operation get Brodie Grundy initiated? I'd love us to produce a ruck of our own as our development team is amazing. Anyway, to be honest i think seaby's rucking was one of the lesser bads of last nights game in comparison to our f50 entries and ball use rebounding from our defensive 50.
  20. Membling

    Opinion Looking back at the Swans Drafting/Trading 1999/2000

    1999: Trades: In: Jason Ball, Andrew Schauble, Pick 21 Out: Mark Kinnear, Picks 11, 34 and 41 National Draft: 21. Scott Stevens: Games 25 26. Stephen Doyle (F/S): Games: 47 56. ROK: Games: 235 70. Brett Allison: Games 9 Rookie Draft: 9. Tadgh Kennelly: Games 197 25. Brett White: Games 0...