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  1. Mutt

    Review Well played Bullies! Finals here we come.

    Gotta give some props to Bevo tonight. Well coached and some innovative and brave positional moves. Look we come!
  2. Mutt

    Review Bulldogs Lose To GWS (113 - 55)

    Disappointing final game but a good second half of the season. Out muscled and out hustled today. Need to get older and stronger via the trade table.
  3. Mutt

    Review Finals Baby!!!! Look out we come! (Bulldogs 121 d Crows 87)

    Great finish to the home and away season. Coasted to the line to win that one. Who wants to play us in the finals????
  4. Mutt

    Review Dogs Discombobulate the Plastics 126 - 65

  5. Mutt

    Review Bontempelli magnificent but the Dogs fall short. Lions 98 d Bulldogs 80

    Why isn't Marcus Bontempelli the Captain? Another winnable game but we butchered it in the forward half.
  6. Mutt

    Review Almost a discombobulation! Dogs over Freo by 47 points

    Just a little present from Bailey Dale for his many BigFooty doubters....
  7. Mutt

    Review Well that sucks! Aints beat Dogs 116 - 89 - Rd 18

    I'm lost for words. Help me out here.....
  8. Mutt

    Review Bullies Down Dees in a Thriller 74 - 66

    We tried to lose it....with a bit of help from the Maggots.
  9. Mutt

    Review Cats down Dogs.

    Please keep playing the kids Bevo. We won't win the flag but just have to get games into the kids.
  10. Mutt

    Review Hard Fought 16 Point Win Over The Lions

    Satisfying effort...good win. This week again I'm a happy camper.
  11. Mutt

    Dogs v Tigers Match Day

    Hoping I can finally work out what our game day strategy is. Perhaps we are trying to lull opposition teams into a false sense of security because we don't bother to turn up until the second quarter?
  12. Mutt

    Review Dogs Downed By Freo: God we are plain and boring. What happened to The Men of Mayhem?

    We had a dip but we seem to play without system, structure or purpose. Couldn't find a way to make it happen.
  13. Mutt

    Review Dogs Completely Out Coached By Beveridge: Lose Badly To Blues

    The calls for the coach to give himself an uppercut and wake up are now deafening. A Premiership doesn't entitle anyone to continue to dish up this sh*t. It's time to admit the strategy is broken and to completely re-calibrate.
  14. Mutt

    Review Dogs Run Out Of Legs And Lose To Collingwood - Rd 4 2019

    Damn! So close but yet so far....
  15. Mutt

    Review Lackluster Dogs Lose To The Suns, Rd 3, 2019

    Damn that was hard to watch!
  16. Mutt

    Game Day Game Day: Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn Round 2

    Game Day discussion and banter here folks.....and remember to keep it civil.
  17. Mutt

    Preview Changes and predictions: Blues v Bulldogs Round 22

    My question: is this the least relevant game of the season? Discuss...
  18. Mutt