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  1. The Punter

    2019 Draft Fixture

    I did this. It has some obvious equity benefits to the current one: - Each Victorian club has the same travel to interstate teams (some play an away game in Tasmania also) - Each Victorian club goes to each state once and one twice - Each Victorian club has six home games against Victorian...
  2. The Punter

    Roast AFL Player Ratings Appreciation Thread

    Considering we have a thread for bashing Purple, I thought the AFL Player Ratings deserved similar attention. BEHOLD THE FORMULA! R4 v Collingwood According to the ratings, the five best players on the ground were Collingwood players (Scott Pendlebury was best), and Dylan Roberton was St...
  3. The Punter

    Expansion Why Tasmania and New Zealand could solve the AFL's fixture fairness problem

    Every now and then I venture on to the main board and there is some suggestion on how to "fix" the fixture. It usually involves some radical re-structuring of the AFL as we know it. Right now the AFL has 18 teams. The least radical re-structure suggestion which would standardise the fixture is...
  4. The Punter

    Grand Final Week - the week of the Great Myth

    Nothing inspires mythmaking quite like Grand Final week. We'll trawl over the 120 or so previous deciders over VFL/AFL history, and try to discern what the immutable truths of winning or losing a Grand Final are. Perhaps the most pervasive is "you can't go into a Grand Final with injured...
  5. The Punter

    Preview Round 20 v North Melbourne

    Let's kick more than 3 goals this time. Possible outs: Hickey, Savage (inj), Riewoldt (inj), Roberton (inj), McKenzie (inj), Lonie (inj), Sinclair (inj). All those blokes listed with (inj) looked sore in this correspondent's opinion or copped knocks. Could be all or none. Possible ins...
  6. The Punter

    The divide between the Footy Media and the Footy Public

    Nowhere has this been more clearly demonstrated than during the last few weeks. The football media, to a person, have been strong in their criticism of the treatment Adam Goodes has been receiving from football crowds around Australia. They have deemed it appropriate to classify the booing of...
  7. The Punter

    Preview Round 19 v Fremantle

    Possible ins: Riewoldt, Gilbert, Lonie, Ross, Holmes. Possible outs: Longer, Schneider, Membrey, Templeton. Hopefully a bounce back this week against the team which we enjoy our second longest current winning streak against.
  8. The Punter

    Preview R15 v GWS @ Spotless Stadium (Sam Gilbert's 150th game)

    Our first trip to Western Sydney for a premiership season game. Short of an undisclosed injury, only possible change I can see is Billings coming in. For someone.
  9. The Punter

    Preview R14 v Essendon

    If we win only one more game this year, I want this one. Possible ins: McKenzie, McCartin, Fisher, Billings, Sinclair (if elevated). Possible outs: Gilbert, Delaney, Minchington, one of the tall forwards, Ross, Ray, Savage. I'd really like to see McCartin in after a great game at the lower...
  10. The Punter

    Toast Farren Ray - 200 Games

    Of which 125 of them have been good. ;) Under Ross Lyon, Ray missed three games in three years. Had an interrupted 2012, and the same this year due to injury. Solid through 2013-2014. Has averaged 20 possessions a game in 124 games for the Saints. Anyway, 200 games is a nice little...
  11. The Punter

    Light Roller

    I have moved to the country and would like to roll my own cricket pitch in summer. I am looking to secure a light roller for this purpose. Would someone be able to give me an insight as to how I would acquire one, as searching the web is not providing me much help at the moment. Mods feel...
  12. The Punter

    Opinion Saints Blog

    Dear Fellow Madmen and Madwomen We have a Bigfooty sponsored St Kilda blog at We need contributors who aren't me. Let me know if you want to write something, and we'll organise access.
  13. The Punter

    Teams Round 14 v Richmond

    Simpkin will likely be suspended. No other obvious outs. His missing will hurt against Richmond's talls. Hayes & Wright look like possible ins. In: Hayes Wright Out: Simpkin (susp) Murdoch/Ross/Newnes/Webster (one of the kids)
  14. The Punter

    Teams Round 13 v Melbourne

    Let's begin. Wilkes is out with a hamstring tendon injury that required surgery. Apparently did it tripping over chasing McKenzie. There are a number of options in terms of replacing him: - Kosi in straight up - Hickey in straight up (if fit) - Go smaller with Siposs or Lee - Considering...
  15. The Punter

    Roast Statement on Umpires

    Considering the consistently detrimental effect the AFL officials have on St Kilda's performance every week, I think, that in order to save time, it should now be assumed that every post I make on any issue will also include a statement on umpires. Therefore I have included such a statement in...
  16. The Punter

    Discussion Round 5 v Melbourne @ MCG

    First trip to the G for the year. It comes at an interesting time. Some of the younger players didn't cope with the Freo pressure or the back-to-back six day breaks, so may warrant a rest. But this is a golden opportunity for a morale and confidence building win on the ground premierships are...
  17. The Punter

    Preview Round 1 v Port Adelaide @ AAMI Stadium

    May as well get it started. No optimism from me - we didn't kick a score at any stage in the pre-season. On the other hand, Port Adelaide went pretty well in the pre-season. Here's my suggested Round 1 side: Dempster Blake Simpkin Gilbert Fisher Cripps Dal Santo Goddard Montagna Siposs...
  18. The Punter

    Modern Day Event Political Assassinations in America

    Just watched the doco RFK Must Die. Kudos to the filmmaker for starting to doubt his own thesis late in the movie, and admitting it. Ever imagine Michael Moore doing something like that? I digress. I've had a waxing and waning interest in the JFK Assassination since I was 11, and considering...
  19. The Punter

    Discussion Silver Lining

    - We should begin to play a more attacking brand of football. If we can win more contested footy, win more and better quality clearances, and have a better functioning forward line, then we should improve. Experienced backmen shouldn't lose their form overnight. - Despite what everyone says...