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  1. the_interloper

    Any Python programmers?

    I've decided to get into programming while locked down, i'm going to get a Raspberry Pi but figure I should learn how to program it. I did a bit of C programming at uni but not much, also did a bit of microcontroller programming too, so not starting from zero. Anyone got any...
  2. the_interloper

    Stupidest sh*t you've done during this pandemic

    I reckon we're all going a bit loopy, so what's the stupidest stuff you've done? - Bought some wholemeal two minute noodles - Hand made ravioli (a prick of a job, messy as fu** and took ages) - Made a glass of fresh squeezed lemon juice upon request from my son, he didn't want to drink it in...
  3. the_interloper

    MMA-UFC UFC 247 - Jones v Reyes

    Didn't see a thread for this, like 246 I'm very excited for the main event but not so the rest of the card. Jones should get it done, i see that he might want to win on his feet again which is not his best strategy but should be able to do enough. Good to see Junior Tafa get another go, great...
  4. the_interloper

    What things are you too old for at the age of 3?

    Crawling Being breastfed A bassinet Childbirth Those annoying ******* mobiles above your crib
  5. the_interloper

    Working from home, good/bad?

    I've been working from home 2-3 days a week in my current job, at first I loved it but now I don't so much. I find it so hard to get motivated working at home, plus there's always sh*t to do like empty dishwasher, courier drops something off etc always a distraction. I find I can do it for a...
  6. the_interloper

    Correct abbreviation for McDonalds?

    Let's settle this highly contentious issue once and for all. (And just so you know if you choose "Maccas" you're wrong)
  7. the_interloper

    The last piece of the puzzle!

    Welcome Chris Yarran, the last player we need before we win a flag, you beauty!
  8. the_interloper

    The Pride Cup

    So what do you all think of this idea? What will this achieve? And have they picked the right teams to celebrate this? And what should the trophy look like? ST KILDA and Essendon are in...
  9. the_interloper

    Australia vs India - Third Test @ MCG - Dec 26-30 - Day 4

    You do need some sort of 5th bowler. We were able to get away without for so long because we had Pigeon and Warne, both were strike and stock bowlers all in one. Even if we just had Smith and Clarke to fill in for a 5th bowler it might be doable, but this is why Watson has been given so many...
  10. the_interloper

    Soundwave 2015

    Lineup has dropped, got a 2 day festival now. Lineup is already decent with more to come no doubt, for an old metal head like me there's plenty to keep me coming back. Mayhem is a great addition, should be a pisser. Soundwave Festival 2015...
  11. the_interloper

    UFC 178 Formerly Jones v Cormier - Now Cowboy vs Alvarez Co Main

    Has gotten off to a cracker, check the brawl at the media day! Follow up interview with both of them
  12. the_interloper

    Do midfielders have to be tall these days?

    I've heard a lot of coaches recently (including Roos just on the radio now) insist that midfielders need to be tall these days and it's the way the game is headed. Obviously they are taller than they were yesteryear but personally I thought this was just because the general population were...
  13. the_interloper

    Combat sports books?

    Share the combat sport books you have read and/or recommend in this thread, I'm sure there's many I'm not aware of. Just bought the book below, always wanted to know more about this bloke. There's also a book called the Dark Trade that comes very highly recommended, was out of stock at...
  14. the_interloper

    McFartney - luckiest contract extension since Brad Scott?

    How did this coaching hack get an extension, what did he do last year? I can't remember them winning too many games last year, and can't see any future for them. I suppose he does represent their culture well, their history of mediocrity will certainly continue under his "rule".
  15. the_interloper

    Does anyone else have question marks over Hird's career now?

    I read a while back that Hird had a relationship with Shane Charters going back to his playing days. With everything that has happened and given Hird's apparent approval of substances "pushing the boundaries" I wonder what he actually took as a player? He was struck down by injury quite badly...
  16. the_interloper

    So Malthouse was right after all!

    I think that Collingwood's performance since he's left has proven that he did the right thing in leaving the club. After all, he got a head coaching job at another strong club and whilst they may not be world beaters at the moment, they do have a future and should do better as time goes on. So...
  17. the_interloper

    Great effort so far Dees!

    I've just watched the first half (on IQ) and you guys look great! The hunger seems back, you're competing at every contest and really having a crack, you Melbourne supporters must be rapt! I'll come back after I've watched the second half and I really think there's every chance I can celebrate a...
  18. the_interloper

    Eddie Betts new life member?

    Nice going Blues, here's definitely a bloke who deserves the honour, he's a gangsta who fits in well along with all of those other criminals! (Betts is the bloke on the left, the other bloke is the future Carlton captain coach)
  19. the_interloper

    Can Joe Daniher be the next Mrs Fraser?

    The hype surrounding Joe Daniher reminds me of when a certain tall gump got drafted to Collingwood at pick 1. Recruiters gushing about their athleticism for their height and how they'll play round 1 and dominate from the get go. We all know how tall footy players can take a while to develop...
  20. the_interloper

    How many All Australian captaincies for Trent Cotchin?

    I understand he didn't get the captaincy of the AA team this year, that's fair enough, it may be a bit soon (though he'd be my captain). But how many times will he get AA captain in his career after he inevitably becomes the Tiges captain next year? I'll go 4, I'm allowing for one year where...