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  1. loki04

    Universal Love Nathan Buckley - The Greatest.

    On one leg. Our greatest ever champion! Never forget what this man has done for our club and the highlights he brought to us when Collingwood FC was the laughing stock of the comp in the mid to late 90s, we were basically the now version Carlton except had a player that people paid to see play.
  2. loki04

    List Mgmt. Buckley "Mix up with Mayne recruitment". Interesting reading.
  3. loki04

    Concussion the truths, myths and fear mongering.

    Constantly read the disgust, worry and misplaced fears over head knocks, concussion and its effects in sport especially the AFL and its constant changing of the rules to protect the head (even incidental contact is suspendable now when bumping or tackling). This has been blown way out of...
  4. loki04

    News Not to be outdone by the Daicos', the Brown boys also making a splash

    Posted on Nicks BB. Very good to see Calum is also performing well. I really hope they leave father son alone or we may end up having to use our entire draft rosters on Calum Brown and Josh Daicos...
  5. loki04

    Review Day 1 Training report (Wed Nov 19 from Nicks BB).

    Training report from Nicks BB by Neil Appleby, we don't seem to get a lot of these reports posted on here by BF Pie loving aficionado's, so I hope he doesn't mind me sharing with more of the fellow Magpies brethren. PS Bucks still has it, sign him up player coach! NOTE TO MODS: PLEASE DO NOT...
  6. loki04

    Universal Love J.Elliott

    Thought we could do with a bit of footy magic from my personal favourite, one Jamie Elliott, something to take a bit of the focus off the trade period and pass the time. Think the kid will go to the elite level of the comp once he start getting through the midfield and wouldn't be surprised to...
  7. loki04

    Marty Girvan (strength coach) Moved on.

    COLLINGWOOD has overhauled its strength and conditioning program but makes no apologies for the massive workload it is pumping into its players. The club’s strength coach Marty Girvan has been moved on and will be replaced in coming days. Collingwood has drilled into every aspect of its injury...
  8. loki04

    Collingwood and the GF sprint.

    Seriously why can't they at least put one of our top 3 quickest players in it... Every farkin year we have no representative in the final... We aren't in the flag least give us something to cheer on.
  9. loki04

    GF Sprint final line up?

    Who has made the final for the sprint?
  10. loki04

    Steele stepping up. Seems to me other players are in fact starting to lift their game in the leadership stakes, well done by Steele here he telegraphed Grundy would react to the nudge (rightfully i might add) and intervened (with his...
  11. loki04

    Toast Backline / Team Defence

    Taking out the Freo game our back line regardless of missing personnel hasn't missed a beat and iirc have kept every side since to 70 or under. No Brown no probs Frosty and Keeffe have it covered. No Maxwell no worries they know the structures and Sack can go back. No Young, Fas, HL and...
  12. loki04

    Static forwards and our leading patterns

    Our forward line does not play smart footy or give itself the best chance to get 1v1 contests in space. We do not make space for each other. We do not block for each other. our forwards do not lead up at our ball carriers and the other forwards don't then make use of that space by also leading...
  13. loki04

    Roast Dayne Beams blind kicks

    Ok most nuffies (hate that word but meh) are going to have a hissy fit here. So let me preface yes i think Beams is a gun and yes I love him but I hope he improves hence the roast. His blind u turn snaps from centre clearances and even fwd 50 shots on goal are costing us (others also doing...
  14. loki04

    Roast Myth Dale Thomas hasn't played for 2 years.

    This bs is being peddled by Terry Wallace and media trying to water down our compo pick to that less then Hawks. Dale "Daisy mercenary turncoat" Thomas played 20 games in 2012. He also thinks he isn't a good comparison to Goddard, well Goddards form was piss poor after 2010 GF for 2 years...
  15. loki04

    Rumour Dayne Beams also seeking trade - and how to spread a false rumour !

    Firstly this is a rumour off Sen so take no stock in it what so ever but I haven't seen it mentioned so thought I'd start a thread on it. Now first rebuttal comes in the way of Dekka Hine declaring Beams a required player not going anywhere just 48hrs earlier! Also Dayne Beams comes a cross...
  16. loki04

    Josh Gibson is there a bigger scragger in the game?

    Seriously all year I've watched this guy get away with holding, scragging and jumping early using a hand to hold down his opponents and rarely ever is he pinged. It's like because he is under sized vs KPF the umps let him get away with blue murder. That last contest vs Tippett in the 2nd he...
  17. loki04

    Autopsy Buckley admits Loki04 was right tagging Ablett was the way to go Disclaimer: Thread title maybe mischievous in nature.:p
  18. loki04

    Autopsy Some interesting stats regarding B.Reid

    Got this bit of info from another board I read, thanks to jtp of EBW for the work in finding this out. I posted this into another reply in another thread but think it deserves it's own discussion point seeing as some firmly believe Reid is best for our...
  19. loki04

    Toast Ben Sinclair, Dane Swan's effort, Ben Reid fwd.

    Ben Sinclair has been excellent going back also looked good in him limited run through the midfield, hats off to the lad and I think he will be a long term player for us. Posted a roast on the lack of effort from Swan all season, tonight he was back to his 2010 best and if he stuffed it worked...
  20. loki04

    Roast Dane Swan IDGAF!

    His fall will be as swift as his rise if his IDGAF attitude continues, seriously he has for the past 2 seasons been very selective in his effort and almost refuses to chase even to the point were a player can be 1m away and Swan just turned his back and jogged off to the bench (this is a regular...