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  1. Nardz

    Tanking - Concequences at AFL House?

    The issue with Melbourne isn't a suprise to anybody. It was was very visible and everyone could see it at the time. Yet the AFL denied the existence of this issue, rather than making sufficient efforts to properly uncover it at the time. Not only that, but AD blatantly came out and pretty...
  2. Nardz

    Ben Johnson goes back to the future

    BEN Johnson did not go for the "Premiers" scripting his teammates opted for when he had his left ankle tattooed in the afterglow of Collingwood's 2010 Grand Final win. nice...
  3. Nardz

    Time for a drastic change

    the AFL/VFL was never designed to house this many teams in the same league. throughout history it was always 12 teams playing eachother twice every season.. and bad administration saw the introduction of too many teams and the shift to the inequities we have with fixturing today. AFL games...
  4. Nardz

    Judd's game tonight

    how bad has he been? is he playing with a broken leg or something? the so called premier midfielder in the competition to have 15 touches with only a few minutes left in the game. and dare i say he has butchered quite a few of those touches. gave away at least one goal with an amateurish...
  5. Nardz

    Richmond: 9th again?

    You wouldnt read about it. If the tigers and the bulldogs get up next week Richmond once again finish 9th.. It's almost becoming a phenomenon.
  6. Nardz

    EPL online streaming?

    Does anyone know what the best online streaming options are? with the new season coming i want to actually be able to watch games for a change (i dont have foxtel) happy to pay... is fox sports online EPL on demand any good...
  7. Nardz

    Society/Culture Public Transport: When is enough enough?

    in the past 3 weeks now, 3 times i have experienced major delays going to/from work - and some would say i've had a good run. A normal trip to the city should take me about 40 minutes by train. when this starts taking 1 hour and 10 minutes, 1 hour and 20 minutes, it gets to the point that...
  8. Nardz

    Time to revisit an old discussion.

    A couple of years ago the question was asked: Who Has the Better Collection of Young Talent - Collingwood or Melbourne? There were some opinions displayed by certain melbourne posters that I at the time thought were laughable. The past 18 months has vindicated my thoughts, and today...
  9. Nardz

    Feedback This place is way too over-moderated these days...

    ive been a part of bigfooty for 7-8 years now.. obviously it's grown in that time so it cant possibly be the same forum it was back then.... but one trend i have began to notice of late (probably been going on for a while, but i don't post quite as often these days as i used to) is that the...
  10. Nardz

    Provocation now admissible as tribunal defence?

    what kind of joke is this competition. so if a player deliberately strikes somebody, he's basically fair game for retaliation??
  11. Nardz

    Predictions: How many games will players finish their careers on?

    With presti retiring on 233, lockyer and o'bree on 227 each, it got me looking at the list of our all time games played, and wondering who can crack into the top 10.. i figured it would be nice to have a thread where we predict how many games people end up on (collingwood games only) and...
  12. Nardz

    Buying: Apartment vs House

    I keep hearing whispers that an apartment might not be the best of investments, and while i do believe it is probably the case, i've never really heard a proper explanation or anything to back it up.... so anyone have any wisdom to offer?
  13. Nardz

    Drawn Finals throughout history this is the 8th finals match in history to require a rematch due to a draw. 5 of those matches have involved collingwood. add to this that...
  14. Nardz

    Suggestion My Friend Updates

    when i click a link in this section, it takes me to the thread. i then have to search for my friends post. why cant it take me directly to the post?
  15. Nardz

    Toast Jarryd Blair

    Just how good is this kid. how the hell does someone come from oblivion, make a debut for a side that ends up finishing on top of the ladder, and demands a place in the 22. you simply can't drop him. he's got nice skills great work ethic great determination. pretty good...
  16. Nardz

    Barry Hall's Goal

    correct me if i'm wrong.... but isn't the rule that when a player touches the goal post while in possession of the ball that the ball is deemed to have hit the post? how can 2 umpires get it so wrong. it was clear what happened, would expect the umpire to have better knowledge of the...
  17. Nardz

    Why did Darren Jolly not get a free kick?

    he had his face smashed in a marking contest FFS. high contact anyone?
  18. Nardz

    Players deliberately ducking their heads to win free kicks

    i've noticed lately that players deliberately duck their heads when they see an oncoming player, to win a free kick, and in some cases (ie. chad cornes) this results in suspensions. The rule is actually encouraging this, and causing the players to risk their heads rather than actually...
  19. Nardz

    Power Balance Wristbands

    anyone got one/tried them? are they the real deal or a scam?
  20. Nardz

    Collingwood On Top Of The Ladder Over The Years..

    seeing collingwood at the top of the ladder got me thinking - it hasnt happened too much in my lifetime.... so i decided to look into it: years we've been at the top of the ladder at any stage throughout the season (since 1980): 1981 (rounds 2 - 4, 6 - 10,13 - 17, 19 - 20) 1988 (round...