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    Steven May - 1 week

    Pathetic weak sh*t. It’s officially now a non-contact sport. What a great system we have in place where a player can intentionally punch an opponent in the head and get off... but brace for impact in play and you get suspended!
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    Preview 2018 AFL Grand Final - West Coast v Collingwood

    Pies to win in a close one. As a neutral this is shaping up as a massive flop of a grand final. Hopefully Liam Ryan and co can provide some highlights!
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    Alex Johnson to play his first game in 2136 days

    Was horrible to see him go down today. Hope he can get healthy again for his long-term future. Footy can be a cruel game.
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    The afl app is even worse than it normally is this year.

    Any updates on solutions for streaming the AFL app off iOS to Apple TV?
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    The 2017 Rolling All-Australian Thread

    No Mitch Duncan or Clayton Oliver is a mistake surely??! Duncan has had a brilliant year and probably been Geelongs most consistent midfielder. Averaged 29 disposals and right near the top of the league for score involvements. He was better than Selwood and played all games, unlike Selwood who...
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    The afl app is even worse than it normally is this year.

    Used to be able to, but when you try now it goes blank and a message comes up saying "external display not allowed for this source". They've locked it down pretty hard now it seems! Anyone got any work arounds??
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    The afl app is even worse than it normally is this year.

    Nup no resolution. Posted on two different footy forums and got no solutions suggested unfortunately. It's worked fine for me for the past 3-4 years, but looks like the update killed it. We're sh*t out of luck unless anyone else has any suggestions :(
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    The afl app is even worse than it normally is this year.

    I've got my iPhone set to auto update apps. It appears the update for the AFL app last week killed the ability to screen share to an Apple TV. Previously I would turn on AirPlay mirroring and cast the live streams to my Apple TV. On the weekend after the latest update, when I went to view the...
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    Round 17 Tips and Crowd Expectations

    St Kilda vs Essendon - 14 points - Saints will get over the line as they push to solidify their finals spot. They've worked into some good form at the right time of the year. Geelong vs Hawthorn - 21 points - Cats too strong for the Hawks, though it will be a strong contest. Port Adelaide vs...
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    Autopsy Round 16: Liked, Hated, Learnt

    If the opposition bothered to man up he would've been forced to take the shot. The only story here is how a lazy defense conceded defeat and didn't bother to man up!
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    Play Nice Carlton supporter demands apology from Clayton Oliver and Melbourne over abuse

    Why should he have to apologise? The moronic Carlton supporter leant over the fence, touched him, and hurled abuse at him. I thought touching a player over the fence was a $5000 and ejection from the stadium at the MCG? Why was the dickhead not thrown out of the stadium by security and fined? If...
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    The Ruckman debate is over

    Melbourne has great inside mids in Oliver, Viney, Jones, Tyson etc. and they just read the taps and won the clearances again last night. Jacobs won a heaps of taps but they weren't to advantage. If more of them had been then Adelaide would have got on top. Rucks are all about taps, they're...
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    The Clayton Oliver Statistical Analysis Thread

    AFL Coaches Award Round 6 Leaderboard 42 Rory Sloane (Adel) 31 Clayton Oliver (Melb) 31 Joel Selwood (Geel) 29 Ollie Wines (PA) 29 Elliot Yeo (WC) 26 Gary Ablett (GCS) 25 Dustin Martin (Rich) 23 Zach Merrett (Ess) 22 Marcus Bontempelli (WB) 22 Luke...
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    Mega Thread The Mark Neeld Mega-Thread

    A key reason Neeld hasn't been sacked is because we can't afford to pay him out. After being whacked with the $500,000 fine already, and looking at a $1.5 million loss for the year, we can't afford to pay out his contract. He'll likely get the sack later in the year when it won't cost us as...
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    Lets talk Jolly

    Struggled last year and is just as bad this year. His body looks like it's giving up. He's been a good player, and was in the right place multiple times to win a few flags. He should retire end of this season.
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    What is your opinion on Jimmy Bartel?

    My favorite player outside my club. He is versatile, tough, smart, and always steps up in the big games. How anyone can question him being a star is beyond ridiculous. He's one of the finest players in the league at present. He's also a great bloke on top of that. Wish he was a Dee!
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    Jolly on Neale Daniher. Biggest whack to an ex coach.

    That article reads like a petulant child venting. Daniher didn't play Jolly often because he was often injured, and at the time Jeff White was AA and one of the best ruckmen going around for a decent period of time. Jolly was performing poorly when he did play, to the point where we'd have to...
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    The most unlucky player not to be an AA

    Russell Robertson was robbed in 2005. Kicked 73 goals in the Home and Away season, was 2 goals off the Coleman from memory. Equaled the goal output of Barry Hall who was key to Sydney's flag, but did it with less support. He also single-handedly beat the Cats down at Skilled kicking a bag of...
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    Aaron Davey - where's he at?

    Lost his pace when he broke his leg and had reoccurring hamstring injuries. His pace and kicking were his weapon, and those weapons are now lost to him. It's such a shame, as back in 2004 he revolutionized the forward tackling pressure that is key in todays game. Now he can't run down anyone...
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    Andrew Walker to go pass Cooney

    If Walker wins a Brownlow and plays how he is now for a few years consistently he might get to Cooneys level.