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    Current players who have the attributes to be the next Trac, Bont or Dusty

    Only because he hasnt been mentioned but Rayner had a Dusty like rap on him from the media, not sure if the ACL will slow him down Heeney also an option but not sure if he has the explosiveness
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    Players who have gone on one year too long

    Davis has been up and down this year but I think more to do with the inexperienced backline and injuries His 2nd half today was shocking but a back/kidney injury restricted him
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    Sam Reid as the commentators always point out, drafted #35 2007 Dogs, Recruited by GWS 2011, delisted 2013, coached 2014/15, rookied for 2016 season up to 96 games so far and with the hamstring injury will miss several weeks but most supporters will cheer him to the 100 game mark just hopefully...
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    2020 Fixture Predictions

    With the SA and WA clubs on the Gold Coast for the first block of games what are the chances of a Derby/Showdown played at Metricon/Gabba? And with only 1 this season who will get the home game?
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    Prediction 2020 Ladder Predictions

    I will do it in potential finishing order 1-4 Tigers 1-4 Eagles 2-6 Pies 2-6 Giants 2-8 Lions Should make finals 2-8 Cats If Hawkins misses a lot of games they could miss the top 4 2-8 Dogs Great list and if Keath and Bruce fit in well they will have a big season 4-12 Demons They need to prove...
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    Rising Star 2020

    As most know the likely winner will need to play around 20 games and Rowell and Anderson will get a good look in that many games at the Suns as will Rankine if he has a better run with injury and with Ben King still eligible I can see one of the Suns taking home the award Jackson would need to...
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    Week 3 Tips and crowd expectations.

    Pies will easily dismantle the Giants by 4+ goals with Grundy dominating around the ground and giving the Pies mids great service Tigers by 4+ goals as well making it the 2 best sides in the GF imo AFL house will be looking forward to the match up with the teams adding bonuses to the execs...
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    Prediction 2019 Rising Star winner discussion.

    Is it Greenes record? Well done to the kid and an achievement to play all 22 games for the club in his 1st year
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    What's gone wrong with Melbourne in 2019?

    Stuffed with injuries and I think they will be regretting losing Hogan now and a lack of mental toughness and desire They should keep Lewis on staff for next year to try and improve that at the club They will bounce back in 2020 if they solve the midfield issues with Oliver, Brayshaw, Jones...
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    Prediction 2019 Rising Star winner discussion.

    I liked seeing the mongrel in Blakely tonight he will be a star and a couple of pre seasons in the gym will do wonders for him
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    I agree that at the moment the strength of the NEAFL is not where the clubs would like it to be but it is slowly improving and I cant see any significant changes being made for at least the next 5 years. The academys are improving the quality of the players coming into the league with Canberra...
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    Players who have gone on one year too long

    Kennedy still has another season left and next year he will only need to play 10-15 games for it to work for the club and with the developing talls the Eagles have they will be ready to take over from him when he looks to retire
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    Carlton - turning the corner?

    The club looks to have improved with the recent wins although they have 1 winnable game left imo, but what I would hope for as well as the win in the saints game is good performances in the other 2, landing a good coach and sorting out the assistants with some good experience and then no season...
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    Prediction 2019 Rising Star winner discussion.

    One of the good things about this draft is the number of 1st year players that have only missed 1 or 2 games and have kept the form up even this deep into the season and I am looking forward to seeing who carries on the form into 2020 Walsh and Stack look to be stars and I like Rozee, Duursma...
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    Expansion 62 AFL listed NSW Players

    Good to see the growth in numbers and without looking in more detail it seems a significant increase in numbers in the 19-21 age and hoping to see those players stay in the AFL system and I think in 5 years time the number will increase by another 20 and not all down to the academies but they...
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    Prediction 2019 Rising Star winner discussion.

    It will be interesting to follow the form of the leading contenders and who finishes the season strongest will go a long way to decide who wins although I feel they will all have strong careers At this stage I feel Walsh, Stack and either Rozee or Duursma will have claims for top 3 and then...
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    Round 14 Rising Star Nominee
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    Was Macrae in the squad at least? The same could be said about Coniglio but if both of them have relatively injury free years and continue with the form from last year they should be there and I would say if Macrae hadnt missed the 3 games he may have made it
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    Your teams best 22 for Round 1 ( and for Season 2019 )

    For rd 1 Shaw Davis Haynes Williams Corr Kennedy Whitfield Ward Kelly Greene Cameron Taranto De Boer Himmelburg Langdon Simpson Coniglio Hopper Tomlinson Deledio Reid Bonar Most are agreed on 19/22 spots the questions are Taylor or Corr for CHB and I think Corr early on in the season and then...
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    Did I miss the rule change with 23 players in the match day squad? 19 on the park?