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    New clash guernsey

    Hmmm ... I think I quite like it
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    News Lions Pride (Nat Grider)
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    Frank Johnson

    Frank Johnson, star Port Melbourne player and best-and-fairest winner with South, was my great uncle, but I never saw him play as I'm too young. Can anyone in the know tell me what his jumper number was with the Borough?
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    TV Paul Darrow, Avon in Blake's 7, dead at 78

    Sad to see this. Really enjoyed his performance and characterisation.
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    RIP Troy Clarke

    Just heard the terribly sad news that former Brisbane Bear Troy Clarke has died at the age of 44. :-(
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    OurSay AFL Finals Lunch forum questions

    Hi all, is taking votes for questions to be asked of AFL types such as Adrian Anderson at the AFL Finals Lunch forum on September 20. I've just posted a question: If you'd like to see this question asked, please take a minute to register and vote for my question here...
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    DT league needs Lions supporters

    Any Bigfooty ppl interested in joining my DT league? League code is 759146. Promise I'll go easy on ya ('cos I'm crap). Sorry if this the wrong place for such requests BTW.
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    Admin incompetence

    I've just received an e-mail from the club asking me for my son's birthdate - despite him already having received a birthday card from the club this year. My address was one of 217 other members' e-mail addresses on the To: field. Anyone can make a mistake, but jeez, this is a biggie.
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    Now official - Fevola sacked Apparently results from a secret meeting held on Friday.
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    GOD to return to Lions? We haven't had GOD on our side for some time.
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    Brisbane matches on 7Two

    For those who don't already know, the new 7Two digital channel is padding out its late-night schedule with old AFL matches from the Seven archive. This is great news as it will give us a chance to see some matches that wouldn't be available to Ten or Foxtel. The first Brisbane match is...
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    Bradshaw quits Lions

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    Marty Clarke has left Pies to return to Ireland

    As reported by SEN on Twitter. link
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    Anyone here on Twitter? I've been having some fun blogging during and around matches. There are a few other Lions fans there but we could do with a few more. If you want to give it a go, use the #afl and #brisbanelions hashtags so everyone will see you. See you there...
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    New TV deal - serious implications for Lions fans

    Lions fans based in Queensland should be aware that the new TV deal with Foxtel appears to bring an end to guaranteed Lions games on free-to-air. Looking at the schedule, I suspect we'll be lucky to get any games on FTA at all prior to round 8, and probably no more than 9-12 games on FTA all...
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    Doctor Who AFL

    Autons: Very popular in their time and overdue for a big comeback. Prone to breaking the occasional shop window. SUPPORT: Carlton. Axons: Glittering beautiful aliens who will promise you everything but deliver nothing but misery. SUPPORT: Sydney. Cybermen: The result of a nightmarish...
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    What happened in 1986: Eddie's comments

    It's interesting to note Eddie's comments on The Footy Show relating to the events of 1986. Eddie suggests that Seven sent the AFL to the wall by offering a pittance for broadcast rights. What he fails to mention is the part that Nine and Ten played in that offer. Here's an excerpt from an...
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    Paul Gough's "Mistake of the Week"

    Who can see the mistake this week?
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    Fitzroy article

    Just in case anyone's interested, I've just posted an article about Fitzroy's 1978 night flag at Lionised.
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    Pay Deal

    Interesting article in the Geelong Advertiser today. Read the full article here.