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  1. Tyzza_07_09_11

    News GMHBA Stadium Stage 5 Redevelopment

    Evening all, managed to stuble across the tender application for Stage 5 and it had a sample of the architectural drawings attached to it. As an architecture student and big cats fan I got excited, so thought I'd share. Of particular interest personally was the sheer size of the thing, it...
  2. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Radio R.I.P. Triple M Footy

    Yeah for sure, initially when I heard the news my mind went straight to budget cuts in line with what appears to have been happening over the past few years at triple m... however upon listening to that this afternoon is seems a lot more like the time was right to get out and give someone else a...
  3. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Radio R.I.P. Triple M Footy

    And has been there for good reason, does a good job. If the only fault you can find is the tone of her laughing then I reckon she's doing alright.....
  4. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Autopsy Geelong defeated by Port by 16 points.

    Others in the household trying to take positives out of this, came here to find like minded people who see how disgraceful that was. Wasn’t disappointed. Thanks
  5. Tyzza_07_09_11

    The 2020 JUB JUB MEMORIAL Supercars thread

    Does anyone know if they will revert to the traditional 4 wheel guns at once for Bathurst? Or will it remain under the covid rules of just two at a time?
  6. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Game Day Sydney vs Geelong, 3:35pm Sun 20 September @ Metricon

    Must admit I may have jumped onto YouTube and watched the national anthem and ensuing roar from a final just to remind myself of what we’re missing out on at the minute... the trip up the highway for a big MCG final is being missed.
  7. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Radio R.I.P. Triple M Footy

    For anyone who didn’t hear it the first time, or those in need of a laugh (which let’s be honest is most of us at the minute), the Spud tribute show will be replayed from 2pm this Saturday. Should be a fun listen again, missing hearing his voice in the footy media in this past year.
  8. Tyzza_07_09_11

    News GMHBA Stadium Stage 5 Redevelopment

    Might be on my own here, but I must say i've never minded the look of the gap between the Players and Hickey stands. Oviously it would have been a nightmare to continue the stand any further, and I think the way it's been done is actually looks decent all things considered. Would be more than...
  9. Tyzza_07_09_11 is a disgrace

    Random question but does anyone know a way to remove the video progress bar on match replays? Blocks the score board making it difficult to follow. Have done the obvious moving cursor off the screen and all but it won’t go away 😢
  10. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Game Day KROCK Re-airs the 2009 GF....Sunday April 12 2020 2 PM MCG

    Cheers daz, amazing how as time goes on I'd forgotten DVDs even existed... found the collection and sure enough i've got not one but two copies of it so we're good to go :)
  11. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Game Day KROCK Re-airs the 2009 GF....Sunday April 12 2020 2 PM MCG

    Does anyone know if there is somewhere I can access footage of the 09 GF with the K Rock call? Of course there is plenty of ways to watch with the standards ch10 call, but hoping to watch with the family tomorrow and a bit of k rock Geelong bias never hurts... Side note dazbroncos loved reading...
  12. Tyzza_07_09_11

    News GMHBA Stadium Stage 5 Redevelopment

    Not a bad point, and without having any real knowledge on the situation I can’t imagine there’s a lot of big infrastructure projects being begun at the moment, hence could be plenty of avaliable labour?
  13. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Radio R.I.P. Triple M Footy

    Enjoying the continuation of the Saturday Rub through all of this, it would've been easy to call it quits for a few months but it has been really entertaining all things considered. Also loved hearing the replay of their call from the 2016 GF, the combination of JB and BT that day with Spud and...
  14. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Injury All things COVID-19 - including the impact on Season 2020

    Could have been said already... but I think this horrible situation could be an opportunity for the game’s popularity overseas. With almost all major sporting codes around the world being postponed/cancelled etc, the AFL pretty well has clear air in the sporting world. Why not try and do a deal...
  15. Tyzza_07_09_11

    COVID19: an international marketing dream

    Came here to make a thread about exactly this. They both pretty much have clear air in terms of all other major sports being postponed, why not make the Watch AFL app free in all countries (apart from aus to keep 7 and fox happy), surely there would be sports fans all over the world who would...
  16. Tyzza_07_09_11

    Radio R.I.P. Triple M Footy

    So once the footy starts, does this timeslot mean that The Rush Hour will be reduced to 4 shows a week, as the Rub (in the past at least) begins at 6? Potentially 3 shows when Thursday night footy happens? A real shame.
  17. Tyzza_07_09_11

    News GMHBA Stadium Stage 5 Redevelopment

    Not football related but interesting to see the orientation of the cricket pitch has been adjusted ahead of the two BBL games in the next few weeks... it seems that the domestic games don’t have to be up to the same standard as ICC internationals, hence not needing the pitch on that strange...
  18. Tyzza_07_09_11

    2019 4th Ashes Test 2019 Old Trafford

    Been trying to work this out all series, why is tea not taken at 12:40 Melbourne time? I thought that since lunch is 10-10:40 then the middle session goes for two hours bringing tea to 12:40??? Hope someone can solve this mystery for me 🙂
  19. Tyzza_07_09_11

    2018 Supercars

    Why is James Courtney number 25 not 22??? That’s messing with my head too much!
  20. Tyzza_07_09_11

    AFLX - Day 1 - Coopers Stadium, Thu, 15th Feb 2018

    Those massive drink wise ads on the ground better not be still shown during the real stuff...