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    Poll: Will you willingly get a Covid vaccine in the next year or so?

    You know what's funny? The new Pies coach was asked the same question twice at his presser. Didn't even have to wait until his first game. Fishing for a headline already. Welcome to Collingwood. If they don't get the answer they want, they'll ask the same question over and over. Why would...
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    Wakey wakey

    Planet Lockdown | Catherine Austin Fitts (Full Interview) (
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    Prediction Potential 2021 retirees

    Levi Greenwood retired today. As SEN presumptuously say 'here's everything you need to know!': Levi has been on the sidelines for 2 and a half months with symptoms of concussion. I assume that means constant headaches, caused by a collision with Nic Nat in round 5, and I remember it distinctly...
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    News Buckley standing down; Robert Harvey interim coach for 2021

    I don't feel inspired to say anything about this, even though I'm a huge fan of his, and I don't know why. Maybe I'm in shock. Maybe I'm too upset to find the words. Maybe, and this should put the fear of god into Gil, maybe 18 months of no games has left me disaffected. Alright, I'll give it a...
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    Radio 'You cannot be serious' podcast with Sam Newman, Don Scott and Rod Law

    rod law jesus christ. what's worse - getting your covid 'news' from breakfast television ('11 per cent of over-50's die of covid' - complete & utter lies & propaganda) or giving your bank details to a fake fedex sms. tool of the highest order. good podcast when he keeps his mouth shut.
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    Are We Seeing a Relaxing of the Man on the Mark Rule?

    depends who's umpiring, as usual. to watch dom sheed run around the man on the mark and kick a goal from 50 wasn't fun. it's a mockery. it's gifting teams goals and it has to stop. maybe the ump forgot to call play on. maybe he should be dropped.
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    Mega Thread Questions that don't warrant a thread thread & other stray dogs

    in your head in your head zombie. didn't appreciate it. it felt like a piss take whoever plays the music at the g. i don't need to hear that as i'm leaving the stadium after a loss. and what's with the stones & zepellin? i like this stuff but i wouldn't play it publicly because it's dad rock. in...
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    Think Tank Why does the AFL only celebrate Catholic religious holidays?

    not true. they celebrate satanism every time chamberlain takes the field. i know how to appease religious people who say 'no footy on good friday'. have mass for pregame entertainment. and at halftime instead of kiss cam, or this weekend it was 'oblivious cam', have confession. get the players...
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    De Goey and Howe to face match bans for in Game Phone use?

    face rearranged + concussion and he's being judged for grabbing a phone. heartless bastards. but i'd rather talk about souvenir tea towels. what is the deal with souvenir tea towels. i'm not gonna hang it on the wall so i'm reminded that my friends went to europe without me, and they're too...
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    De Goey and Howe to face match bans for in Game Phone use?

    except when it comes to umpiring
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    Sydney Swans Academy

    My parents dragged me along to the lakeside oval to watch the reserves back in the dark ages. 70's I think. I saw tony shaw running around and I thought 'he's a bit tubby, not as good as ray, he'll never make it'. My dad followed the bloods. Now he goes to richmond games. enough about me. In...
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    Autopsy Round 1 Liked, Learned, Hated

    Liked: Positives from the Pies effort? You won't have heard any of this, but Moore played well. So did Howe & Cox & Mihocek & Elliot & Noble & Pendlebury (outstanding) & Roughead & Crisp (back in the midfield at last). See. Black & white positives. Not at all newsworthy. Learned: Double D is...
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 1 - Pies v Dogs Fri March 19th 7:50pm AEDT (MCG)

    I learned a lot last night. For example, did you know that double d is the very last row? I had no idea. To find double d, what you do is, you take an elevator as high as it'll go, and then you start climbing stairs until there are no more stairs to climb and your your face is planted up against...
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    News Eddie standing down at the end of next season

    I don't like Collingwood's great reset. Can somebody confirm this for me - does Floreat Pica mean Build Back Better? It doesn't fill me with confidence that the Pies new number 1 ticket holder is none other than Klaus 'the new Hitler' Schwab. Eddie's been fantastic for the Pies, but let's face...
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    Is there a worse journalist than Tom Browne

    I hate his questioning. It's always part statement. Pretty sure he shouldn't be editorialising while questioning. I'd like Reiwoldt to run his studs right down Tom's back so he has a clue what he's a part of. Why is it that Khashoggi got cut into pieces, and yet Tom Browne has complete health...
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    Unofficial Preview Finals footy 2019

    Here's our finals fixture: Essendon Geelong Eagles (away) Richmond
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    Prediction Week One Finals schedule prediction

    Eagles v Cats Lions v Tigers Giants v Bombers Magpies v Power (the power will ask to wear their traditional b&w stripes, and the AFL will allow it) Alir Alir won't be playing finals, but let's not forget his 2019 fan survey: What is your favourite band: duran duran What is your favourite food...
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    Razor Ray cheated.

    Not new for umpires to make players earn a free kick if they don't like them. Nix Mackwell wrote a book about the Pies 2009 campaign, and in it he reveals an umpiring dept confession that Pies players were denied free kicks because the umps were sick of the backchat. I must have been the only...
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    TV Anthony Hudson ruins another great moment in footy

    THERE'S NOTHING LIKE YOUR FIRST CENTURY! I know he doesn't write this crap, but where does he draw the line? Has he ever said 'no i'm not yelling that.'
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    Re: Tonight’s scores. Can you even... ?

    now i no why riot at soccer sometimes. when goals not many i very scared. north melb tonite show why carlton blues not sign new coach. and too why clubs not hear fans. please excuse my english new to campaignerry. I ask question - why do asio slam down home door of abc journalist in dead of nite, and...