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  1. MrPremiership

    Prediction 2022 Jumper Numbers

    Going to start this far too early, but for some reason its something I look forward to every year. Current openings and early calls: 9 24 - DGB (follow on from Knights, Croad, Stratton, Langford) 25 27 30 31 33 - Brockman Still plenty of things to fall into place before you can make a...
  2. MrPremiership

    Hawks vs GWS scratch match - Saturday 11.7.2020

    A report from anyone would be fantastic. A very big opportunity for any of these players to put their hands up for selection.
  3. MrPremiership

    2019 AGM

    Was held tonight. The main news will be the Don Scott no show to accept his induction as a legend, which is a shame and the Club/Don should sort it out. It should have never got this far. No jumper number annoucncements. Good to hear from the new guys. Clarko has come up with some interesting...
  4. MrPremiership

    Player Watch Welcome to Hawthorn - Harrison Pepper

    Pre-selected as a Category B rookie as part of our NGA Welcome
  5. MrPremiership

    Moving to Brisbane

    Hi posters Looking at moving to Brisbane to work this year. Office located in CBD. Moving up with the wife and 2 kids (3 & 2 y.o.) and another child due in April 2020. Thoughts on where i should be looking to rent? Best areas and value?
  6. MrPremiership

    Rumour Roughead to step down?

    Did Footy Classified run with the story on Monday that Roughy would be stepping down as captain at the end of this year and possibly retiring also? One year extension was announced in Herald Sun earlier this season, but nothing from the Club.
  7. MrPremiership

    VFL 2019

    With the news that the Reserves competition will come back in 2019, I wonder what that will do to the VFL competition. With so few standalone clubs left, how will they run the league? The AFL has destroyed the VFL.
  8. MrPremiership

    2016 Rookie Draft - 28/11/2016

    So, we have 5 selections? Fitzy? Jarman? Barrett? Scharenberg?
  9. MrPremiership

    News Newbold Resigns to become an AFL Commissioner, Richard Garvey acting President
  10. MrPremiership

    Opinion 2-2-2

    Not sure if a Club official has stated it for the record, but a lot of talk about the preferred retirements over the next few years be staged as 2 players per season. To date, we have seen Hale and Lake. Lake seemingly pushed to meet the quota. So who is next? And then who is likely for 2017...
  11. MrPremiership

    News RIP - The Sub Rule

    AFL to get rid of the sub rule for 2016. Clubs have been told. Interchange cap to reduce to 90.
  12. MrPremiership

    Hawthorn's Most Important Player Great debate here. Been discussing this with my hawk and non-hawk mates and we can split them. Two different types of importance. Roughead is important...
  13. MrPremiership

    2015 Player Numbers

    Currently stands at: No Player Name 2 Jarryd Roughead 3 Jordan Lewis 4 Matthew Suckling 5 Sam Mitchell 6 Josh Gibson 7 Ben McEvoy 8 Taylor Duryea 9 Shaun Burgoyne 10 Bradley Hill 11 Brendan Whitecross 12 13 14 Grant Birchall 15 Luke Hodge 16 Isaac Smith 17 Brian Lake 18 Jonathon Ceglar 19 Jack...
  14. MrPremiership

    2015 Jumper

    Anyone else suspect that the 2015 jumper has been shown? Looking at the 250th guernsey for Hodgey, I suspect that will be out 2015 guernsey (minus the Hodge picture/stats) Solid brown collar and stripes removed from the back
  15. MrPremiership

    Player Nicknames - from the players

    Just trying to fill a list here fellas, the nicknames for each of the players at the club from the Players themselves. Some are simple i know, but there are a few gems. Anyone know of any? 2. Jarryd Roughead: Rough/Roughy 3. Jordan Lewis: Taz/Lewy 4. Matthew Suckling: Suckers/Piggy 5. Sam...
  16. MrPremiership

    Mitchell out for 8 weeks

    As reported by Fagan.....not great
  17. MrPremiership

    Rookie Promotion

    OK, with Jed on the LTI, the Club will promote a rookie at some stage you'd think. If so, who will get the nod? IIRC, the preseason race for Whitey's spot was close between Wanganeen, Ross and Heatherley, so you would suggest those boys would be in the mix. Thoughts?
  18. MrPremiership

    Graeme Wright A key pillar to our success in recent times comes by way of our recruiting, and the kudos here goes to Graeme Wright. I...
  19. MrPremiership

    World Cup tickets

    x2.......For sale, all Australia Group stage and first knock out from that group. Had to cancel my trip so have to sell.......PM me for more
  20. MrPremiership

    News Rioli re-signs until end of 2018

    Just saw it up on a twitter feed, not the most reliable source. He was signed up til end of 2017, so is this another extension?