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  1. Danger in Texas

    Preview Round 1 2022 - Adelaide vs Fremantle, March 20, 2022

    Now we come to predictions for next season's opening round. Obviously a ton of water to go under the bridge, so many of our young guys could grab a spot with a good pre-season Would love to see something like this, myself: B: Brown, Butts, Doedee HB: Smith, Murray, McPherson C: Sholl, Laird...
  2. Danger in Texas

    Who will be the best of the 2020's?

    Now it's fair to agree Bird/Magic have the 80's, MJ has the 90's, Kobe/Duncan has the 00's and LeBron has the 10's (with . All of these guy basically controlled the league for each of their respective eras. They had tools which were just unmatched and, at times, unplayable for their era. Well...
  3. Danger in Texas

    List Mgmt. Draft Needs 2019

    Think this thread is relevant considering we’ll very likely have a top 4 pick Twomey has put up a list of players he thinks are top 10 as of the moment. My favourite out of these guys is Noah Anderson, although I think someone like Mitch O’Neill is extremely unlucky to not get in, another...
  4. Danger in Texas

    Prediction I Bet My Left Nut That... (2018 Edition)

    9 years now I’ve been doing this, I think? I bet my left nut that we get more than a 2nd rounder and a state league player for McGovern, that Hogan and Lobb both get to WA, and that Port trades up into the top 5 of the draft. Bet away!
  5. Danger in Texas

    Recommitted Ryan Abbott [re-signed to 2020]

    Rumours floating around he may want to consider his options. Getting offered a year by the Cats and multiple years by other teams What’s he worth? Thought he showed a bit in the limited times I saw him this year, but he is 27 years old already
  6. Danger in Texas

    Toast Murphy, Davis, Wilson Extend Contracts Great news for the trio! Hopefully this doesn’t necessarily mean bye bye Signorello
  7. Danger in Texas

    Review GBU vs Freo

    Not much to say really. Gibbs, Doedee, Poholke promising. Oh, and we're a bottom 10 side, easy
  8. Danger in Texas

    Review Good/Bad/Ugly vs Saints

    Good: Gibbs was very nice again, Cameron + small pick downgrades was worth it Laird again, just keeps trucking on Seedsman has been one of our best this year, was almost in ANZAC Day form tonight Tex kicked 3 Douglas' 2nd half Thought McGovern's presence was felt all through the night Mackay...
  9. Danger in Texas

    All-Time Mixer Draft Poll Thread

    So a draft has been going on for about the last two weeks, and our teams of 12 have all been filled (in most cases ahaha). Will be interesting to see which team comes out on top, in the public eye! Drafters - you can vote, but you can't vote for yourself. Footypie32 PG: Steph Curry SG...
  10. Danger in Texas

    NBA All Time Mixer Draft

    It's been a while since one of these has happened, so let's give it another shot. 6-10 drafters, all NBA/ABA players over history (at their NBA/ABA peak) are eligible. Aim is to create the best all time team. Probably go 10 players. Each roster spot is dedicated to a particular category. Each...
  11. Danger in Texas

    List Mgmt. 2017 Rookie Draft

    Now the ND is over, time to focus on Monday. Obviously we’ll be picking up Edwards and CEY, but it’ll be interesting to see if we go with two other rookies to round out our list. IMO we definitely should. Few obvious ones to go for, like Murphy and Giro. Could go with a mature ager like...
  12. Danger in Texas

    I Bet My Left Nut That... (2017 Edition)

    Think this is the eighth year in a row I've made this thread What do you bet will happen this exchange period? I bet my left nut that Bryce Gibbs will be a Crow by the end of the trade period (lost out on this one last year), and that three more Giants (Kennedy, Smith and Griffen) will be...
  13. Danger in Texas

    Analysis Do we not understand the definition of 'being clean with the footy'?

    It's been obvious tonight that we've just not been up to it. We won't win a flag at all, at this rate. But why? Well the main two reasons are that we're just not hitting targets constantly (by hand or foot), like a team with a gameplan based around 'slingshot footy' and basic skill should be...
  14. Danger in Texas

    Analysis Where do we need to improve?

    I think it's fair to say that, after last night, we definitely shouldn't have full confidence in this team yet. Absolutely no excuses for losing last night. This got me thinking, where do we need to improve for either this year, or for 2018 and beyond? How - just how - do we make this team the...
  15. Danger in Texas

    Analysis What if...?

    Was just thinking about a few of the events that have shaped our club in the past few years (Tippettgate, Eddie coming to us, the uproar of drafting Dangerfield over Ebert), and I was curious to think what might have happened if things went the opposite way. Now, of course some of these things...
  16. Danger in Texas

    Opinion Cameron vs Milera

    Think this could be an interesting discussion. In CC and WMJ, we have two very exciting young prospects that could very well carve it up in our midfield in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if they both end up being AA's by the end of their careers, if they can lift their disposal numbers...
  17. Danger in Texas

    Prediction Your Phantom - Predict the Top 25

    Just a bit of fun... for amateurs and experts alike! Feel free to predict the first 25 picks of next Friday's draft. Here's mine: 1) Essendon - Andrew McGrath 2) GWS - Ben Ainsworth 3) Brisbane - Hugh McCluggage 4) Gold Coast - Tim Taranto 5) GWS - Will Setterfield 6) Carlton - Sam...
  18. Danger in Texas

    I Bet My Left Nut That... (2016 Edition)

    For the seventh year in a row! I bet my left nut that Bryce Gibbs will be an Adelaide Crow by the end of October, and that there will be a swap of early picks in the Jack Steele trade.
  19. Danger in Texas

    Game Day Round 5 - Adelaide vs Hawthorn

    The one thing that I hope people realise about this game is how important it is for our club. If we win this game today, we're a legitimate flag contender. We'll have proven that we can take it up to the best teams in the comp away from our home ground. A big-stage win tonight will make our...
  20. Danger in Texas

    All-Time Basketball Draft

    Hmm, haven't had one of these in ages, would anyone be keen for one? Draft a team of 12 players, no restrictions, just a normal draft. You can pick from any player ever. For the moment I'll cap it at 8, but I'll see how much interest we get. Teams: Danger in Texas Wacky Tiger PVF Benno355...