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  1. K

    What's the most surprising thing you learned about a current or former player?

    His supervisor rules the roost. Straight from the mouth of a family member. Cats and whips where involved.
  2. K

    News Hawthorn Racism Review - No player name speculation - opposition posters tread very carefully

    Wise men giving kids sage advice. When did this become a crime. Seriously I weep for humanity.
  3. K

    Forgotten footy shows

    Footy Classified while CW is involved. And offsides while it and Ali are involved. unwatchable crap when they are on.
  4. K

    Is Gary Rohan the worst finals player of all time?

    Yeah sadly. True. Worst big game player in recent memory poor guy, nerves must just get to him.
  5. K

    Brad Scott - New Essendon Coach

    Best decision for every other team in the comp. Made me deliriously happy when they appointed him.
  6. K

    Rumour Kevin Sheedy - The Essendon Puppet Master

    Such an ordinary person who is held in such high regard. Pity him and Malthouse aren’t shown up to be the self serving, self absorbed narcissists they both really are. Add Demetriou and you have the trifecta.
  7. K

    Rumour AFLW player refuses to wear pride jumper

    Good on her. Wish the rest of “us” weren’t so indoctrinated and weak and were actually allowed to express our opinions as well.
  8. K

    NO TROLLS Hawthorn Racism Review - Sensitive issues discussed.

    Fair chance one of the accusers has just been delisted by Nth.
  9. K

    Collingwood and Richmond, who has the more feral supporter base?

    Richmond easily. Pies supporters are fine, passionate but at least they can be spoken too. Richmond are never happy winning or losing if it wasn’t for Bomber ferals would be worst by a Long way.
  10. K

    News Monkhurst and Otten leaving

    Clarkson rebuilt The club when it was required. A once in a lifetime coach. I have never been a fan of ex players ( for good reason ) taking over. I'm scared, very scared.
  11. K

    Toast Liam Shiels Retires

    Hate this. Deserved better. Hope another team offers him a couple of years. Love him the player you’d love to have been.
  12. K

    Collingwood and Richmond - who has the greater supporter base

    If I had the choice of sitting next to or near either supporter would pick a Collingwood supporter in a heart beat.
  13. K

    AFL 360 Extra is the best footy program on tv

    Yep I like it. Please replace 360 with this at least its relatable and watchable.
  14. K

    Local AFLW needs its own app

    Yep waste more money on it. Good thinking 99.
  15. K

    AFL 360 - 2022 season

    Unwatchable. Left wing sycophant drama queen and a drunk who sits at the end of the bar and spews crap. 360 plus should replace it.
  16. K

    Footy Classified 2022

    Finally the beast is nearly done. Can watch at least one night a week now next year.
  17. K

    Daisy Pearce is horrid.

    Yep sorry Daisy your just another sycophant and I withdraw any support I have given you in the past.
  18. K

    AFL 360 Extra is the best footy program on tv

    Hope it replaces 360 next year. Along with no Caro things are starting to look up.
  19. K

    Footy Classified 2022

    Would love to watch the show but Caro makes me want to throw things.
  20. K

    The downfall of Fox Footy.

    Only shows worth watching are on the couch and bounce. And 360 plus. Game day stuff is good but 360 is just pathetic first crack is like hey hey it’s Saturday. Good background noise