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    Covid19 Travel Concessions

    Afl has offered Vfl clubs Free kick concessions while interstate because of Covid19
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    Game for sale sydney football boots

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    Random Discussion Thread 144- Where Ochre kicks better than future AFLW star

    After Dancing The Haka you would want to win . Didnt work today .
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    Druggies . Go and get stuffed

    Anyone with a clean conscience doesnt balk at a drug test . I pity all you druggies cos you ruin stuff . Bong on you losers
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    Western Australia state of origin Winners 2019

    I think the WA u18 boys who nobody rates won the Australian cup thingy
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    Rance retired from AFL . Why no big deal

    Cos its April 1
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    Off-topic Harley Bennels 2nd last final warning

    Harley Bennel asked to leave another pub on the weekend . Do EastCoasters even know he is still on Freos list Snorts Cocaine , fights bouncers and air hostesses , doesnt train , drunkenly coaches freos wafl club Peel on occasion . He isnt even the biggest joke at Fremantle . Is he
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    Here is the template Grand Final – day, twilight or night: Bounce – yes or no: Best set shot at your club: Team you hate most. Best advice you’ve received: Greatest footy moment outside the AFL: Favourite AFLW player: Ugliest Afl player: Which player at your club pick themselves in AFL...
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    Supporter Quiz

    Here is the template Grand Final – day, twilight or night: Bounce – yes or no: Best set shot at your club: Team you dislike most: Best advice you’ve received: Greatest footy moment outside the AFL: Favourite AFLW player: Favourite West Coast Eagle player: Which Eagle picks themself in AFL...
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    Shallow Wags

    Former WAGFs of AFL players Ryan Crowley , Andrew Embley and Sam Butler are shallow gold diggers . As soon as your Footy career is over so is your relationship it seems .
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    C U Next Thursday Suckers

    Afl Trolling the 2 floggiest teams.
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    Have you seen WestCoasts Willie

    Cyril , Daniel ,Dean . That fat Essondon one . Bruce wont retire now . Wont be overated for 8 touches a game iether . Is already double that. Will really make the Rioli name good again after the stain the others have left .
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    Norf Icon Traumatises Dockers

    Freo refuse to acknowledge the Ross Glendinning medal for best afield in a Western Derby because he played for Norf so is not a great West Aussie and won a brownlow. True story they dont want his medal and .
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    Eat Your Dicks Wobert Newspaper trolling the great Dick. His 2 favourite teams are Owens .
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    Gold Coast Record

    Gold Coast recorded it biggest home crowd last weekend . 33000 . Think they have risen above Norf ,Bulldogs and the Saints attendances making Gillon a happy man .
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    Any work out there.

    Hi I work for a respectable employment position seeking firm and am seeking small businesses for some help. I have 2 clients with exceptional talent and skill that have recently been made redundant. I cant divulge surnames however David , Dave and Stephen Steve are pretty good in an open air...
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    Movies You walked out of or turned off

    Footloose . I couldnt stand it drove out of the drive in Flashdance . I turned that movie off after about 5 minutes Harry Potter . What a flog cast . Ali G movie where some blokes balls looked too close for comfort in a wrestling scene The cinema was packed and I couldnt get out but the...
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    Preliminary Final better than a Grand Final .

    Its obvious The Grand Final is a crock of turd . It will always be at the well Manured turf of the Melbourne Cricket Ground . Whereas The Preliminary Final is Played where it should be . Now even tho in the early days WestCoast were reamed on this because the AFL had a contract with the MCG...
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    "The Thyril "

    Not sure if this award already exists . The 2017 Thyril should be awarde to .... In the spirit of Thyril Rioli It is based on who Gets Bruce so excited . I nominate Alex Rance because I just watched the GF and Thyril Came to mind.
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    Eagles Flag for sure

    Eagles have never lost to Port at Adelaide oval Crows are Eagles big game bunnies (Gws Eagles nearly beat twice this year Same with Tigers Lead in the 3rd 1/4 all 3 of those games. ) Eagles flogged Sydney and Geelobg already this year Essondon too inconsistent to be a threat