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  1. Issac Quaynor IMG_5D4B4249.jpg

    Issac Quaynor IMG_5D4B4249.jpg

  2. Issac Quaynor IMG_5D4B4246.jpg

    Issac Quaynor IMG_5D4B4246.jpg

  3. Issac Quaynor IMG_5D4B4247.jpg

    Issac Quaynor IMG_5D4B4247.jpg

  4. Didak Wine

    Quaynor's head band

    His hair is braided and he wears a head band. Discuss.
  5. Issac Quaynor IMG_5D4B2888 BF.jpg

    Issac Quaynor IMG_5D4B2888 BF.jpg

  6. ginnivan-quaynor-tiktok.jpg


  7. beez

    Discussion Jack Ginnivan and Isaac Quaynor laying in bed together

    The league without the Bombers - 9 The league with the Bombers - 3 The league without NaturalDisaster as Admin - 8 The league with NaturalDisaster as Admin - 3 The league with Karnezis_13 - 10 The league without Karnezis_13 - 1 Monday match threads - 9 Tuesday match threads - 3 Match threads...
  8. Slats

    Scandal Jack Ginnivan and Isaac Quaynor laying in bed together and rating women

    A TikTok video has emerged of Collingwood pair Jack Ginnivan and Isaac Quaynor rating women to heap more pressure on the club amid a turbulent few days as it deals with the fallout from Jordan De Goey’s Bali nightclub incident. The now-deleted video that first surfaced over the weekend features...
  9. Bald

    What the heck? Jordan De Goey groping Isaac Quaynor?

    Admittedly haven't seen the video footage but this isn't a good look, especially considering who's doing it and who they're doing it to.
  10. Occidental

    Isaac Quaynor injury

    Pictures are circulating of what happened to Isaac Quaynor in tonight’s game against Sydney. I’m not posting any pictures, they are too graphic. How the hell could that happen to a player on an AFL field? If as suspected a Sydney player was wearing metal studs then a large suspension will be...
  11. TradeDraft

    Player Watch Isaac Quaynor

    More Info:
  12. PMBangers

    Draft Profile Issac Quaynor [NGA for Collingwood]

    Issac Quaynor - Oakleigh Chargers (NGA eligible for Collingwood) General Defender 180 cm 77 kg 18/5/2000 At this stage predicted to go in the second round, although as Collingwood have first dibs on him that might cause a bid to come earlier than his actual worth Played a massive 17 games in...
  13. TradeDraft

    Player Watch Isaac Quaynor (Academy Prospect)