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  1. Chief

    News Milestones, Stats, Fixture - AFL Round 13 - Callan Ward 200 games

    ...Coast Eagles, Western Bulldogs MILESTONES AND KEY STATS PLAYER MILESTONES 200 games – Dylan Grimes (Richmond) 200 club games – Callan Ward (GWS GIANTS) 150 games – Aaron Hall (North Melbourne) 150 games – Luke McDonald (North Melbourne) 150 games – Daniel McStay (Brisbane Lions) 150...
  2. PMBangers

    Confirmed Niamh Kelly & Amber Ward traded to Adelaide for Jessica Sedunary & #43
  3. Kurve

    Current MP Gareth Ward charged over historical sexual abuse of man and teenage boy - NSW

    Gareth Ward as the Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services under former premier Gladys Berejiklian, was moved to the cross bench in May after it was revealed he was under police investigation for sex offences. Ward has been charged with three counts of indecent assault, one...
  4. GWS Goose

    Davis and Ward, how long left?

    ...for us, and I think we may get a bit more out of him yet. What does this mean for Buckley, guess that sees him as back up with Keefe. Ward still looks good, he had a few fumbles here and there yesterday, but was his usual hard at it self. I reckon he has a bit left in the tank, but where do...
  5. Strapping Young Lad

    Welcome Welcome to Hawthorn: Josh Ward. Extends to 2025!

    Welcome, Josh!
  6. CrowdedHouse

    Footy Dept. AFLW Program led by Aysha Ward

    Full piece from the club website: TL;DR version: Charlotte Miller promoted from VFLW Operations Manager to AFLW & VFLW Operations Manager Brendan Major promoted from VFLW Head Coach to VFLW Head Coach and 'Coach...
  7. 1954

    Something else to ward off the boredom - best Port high marks

    I have seen some rippers over the years, numerous great marks by Russell Ebert, Brian Luke on the member's wing of Thebarton oval in the early 1960's, and Keith Spencer when he stood on top of a pack of Norwood players at Adelaide oval in the late 60's. A pic of the Spencer mark was on display...
  8. J

    NSW government Minister Gareth Ward under investigation over allegations of sexual violence
  9. nut

    Rules Butler bump on ward

    Why are the saying it wasn’t a free to the Saints? It was incorrect disposal surely.
  10. Chris25

    Club Focus Hawthorn 2021 - Lynch, Ward, Butler, MacDonald, Serong

    Data from footywire. To check the current draft order see the thread here. Footywire says: "While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that need...
  11. Jazny

    Disgusting cheat high contact by Essendon player sends poor Callum Ward spinning, he then bravely gets up and kicks the winning goal for GWS!

    Incredibly bravery from Ward, who nobody will ever question his courage. Essendon again shown that cheaters dont prosper! I sure hope zackah doesnt see this thread and relive the moment that his cheat team lost the game!
  12. Farm Boy

    Certified Legendary Thread Ward is a diving disgrace

    Ruined what would’ve been a good finish by diving. Disgraceful. Should get weeks for that weak act. That isn’t football. Sent from my iPhone using
  13. F

    Callan Ward goes undercover to surprise fans

    The last guy's reaction is pretty funny.
  14. Isaac Cumming No 1

    WSYD Callan Ward

    Ward Voted Most Courageous Voted by his peers as the most courageous player in the game. Thoroughly deserved for the player that fills the role for us the Joel Selwood does for the Cats and Nate Jones does for the...
  15. C

    Rumour Ricky Nixon in Geriatric Ward at Box Hill Hospital?

    Hi all, Am visiting an injured relo at Box Hill Hospital. There is a major Ricky Nixon clone (man) dressed in a skirt doing laps of the ward here. Will try and get a pic if possible...
  16. Punt rd end


    Officeworks Managing Director Mark Ward will join the Richmond Board, filling a casual vacancy created by the retirement of long-serving director Maurice O’Shannassy. O’Shannassy has served as Club vice-president since December 2004 and more recently has chaired the Club’s Risk, Compliance and...
  17. Norm De Guerre

    Strategy Trade and List .Management thread 5 (...the post coitus cigarette. Edition)

    Bolded indicates a bit of distance already.
  18. Slats

    Daniel Ward tells of his menacing gambling addiction

    WHEN Daniel Ward’s gambling addiction was at its most menacing he couldn’t afford to fill up his car with petrol. Sometimes, he’d even forgo food. But the former Melbourne defender says the friendships he’s lost and the trust he’s broken are the most permanent reminders of his battle with the...
  19. David Schwarz

    Live Event GWS vs Footscray - The Reid/Addison/Cameron/Griffen/Ward/Boyd Community Goon Bag

    Getting in early to celebrate the long and storied history of past players and coaches that have had an affiliation with both clubs :thumbsu: The sad thing is that I'm probably missing like five other people :$
  20. Bunk Moreland

    Callan Ward

    The report in the Hun is staggering. Ward got $800k a year to move to the Giants. The Bulldogs offered him $285k a year to stay!!?? And apparently he was a lifelong Bulldog who would have stayed for an extra $50k on top of that? Surely those numbers aren't right. The Dogs lost a player of...