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  1. Tom Evans (2 of 1).jpg

    Tom Evans (2 of 1).jpg

  2. Tom Evans 1.jpg

    Tom Evans 1.jpg

  3. Tom Evans 3.jpg

    Tom Evans 3.jpg

  4. 2022 PAFC Evan Almighty.jpg

    2022 PAFC Evan Almighty.jpg

  5. RossFC

    Player Watch Francis Evans

  6. DarrenNeville

    Drawing Cadel Evans

    My drawing of Cadel Evans. Enjoy! Have a good weekend
  7. Taylor

    Club Focus Port Adelaide 2022 - Horne-Francis, Jr. Rioli, Evans, McCallum, Scully, Marshall, Williams

    Data from footywire. To check the draft order see the thread here. Footywire says: "While we make every effort to keep up to date with player contracts, it is likely that our data may at times be out of date, incomplete or inaccurate. If you find any player contracts that need updating...
  8. Lord_Flashheart

    SUNS Ceo Mark Evans has confirmed the inevitable - SUNS to relocate

    That's right flogs, we're relocating to Melbourne for a few weeks. Get those pie warmers loaded, Dewys coming to town for a bit
  9. eth-dog

    VFL Past #62: Jack Evans

    Height: 186 cm Weight: 83 kg DOB: 21/03/2020 Position: Midfielder Recruited From: Calder Cannons Evans is a medium sized midfielder that will play a few games as our 23rd player one would assume.
  10. dazbroncos

    Delisted 31. Francis Evans (2020 -2022)

    With Pick 41 in the 2019 AFL Draft Geelong Football Club welcomes Francis Evans Go Catters
  11. S

    "I'll smash them in court" Suns boss Mark Evans

    ...out there, managers, who are prepared to get up on radio and say 'Don't go to the Gold Coast', we'll have them in court as quick as we can," Evans replied. "... Tell them to get on the radio and put their balls on the line on radio, and then I'll smash them in the court." I know the AFL bar...
  12. KetamineKerr

    mark thompsons email to david evans.. theory: AFL told essendon to banish evidence of use of supplements in order to avoid future lawsuits. then hung out essendon to dry. thoughts?
  13. Nakia2Hawkins

    Wil Jerga Omira evan get on th perk tis yere?

    i stil kent blive th embrarsing Hortawn Fetbul Cleb gev up an entiya druft 4 tis spud :$ Th Hortawn Cleb doctas thort thy wee so smat n thort thy cood fix him bet nupe hes is unfixubel :$:$ Hes ulsoo has z0 futbal ableity nd dusnt no how to kik a bal :$:$ Horetawn wuden spun in 2018 :$:$:$
  14. Strapping Young Lad

    News Hodge being pursued by Mark Evans and the Suns

    as the title says... That shell of a club needs leadership. No surprise that Evans knows who can bring that. Good luck to Hodge if the offer is too good to refuse.
  15. Mahlepi

    What will Mark Evans Do

  16. db swannie

    Meltdown The Contractual Colas vs The Teardop Tuggers: The Ron Evans Cup

    ...will spend the whole game talking into his hand in the coach's box, and Buddy will be wandering about counting wads of 50s, etc. So The Ron Evans Cup! should be a beauty!! I predict Richmond will chipkick a thousand times in the first quarter, and we'll all be asleep by halftime. Perhaps in...
  17. Mahlepi

    Mark Evans is underpaid

    It is clear that Mark Evans is underpaid. Never has there been one who has achieved so much with so little. Deserves a pay rise with immediate effect.
  18. MaddAdam

    Sea Kayaker bumps off Evans (in his inimitable half informed useless way)