1. BallaratBulldog

    2021 Membership Thread

    The following is getting rolled out via email - I think it would be smart to have the thread going again to have information in one spot because 2021 will be different to others for many reasons and will probably generate some questions.
  2. woosha24

    Offseason Changes + Road to the 2021 Premiership

    Seeing as the season's over and all..... 1. For the love of baby Jesus, hire a f*cking tackling coach! We would have to be about the worst team in the league for tackles. 2. Midfield needs to be re-jigged. We have the cattle to be an A+ attacking midfield team, but we concede too many...
  3. Bacon Warrior

    Workshop 2021 Jumper Ideas thread

    2020 season has started (sort of), which means we start preparing for next year's getups here in FJGD land. Here's Port with two new guernseys for what might end up being their actual 150th season and a West Coast trio that I made a long time ago but never posted. Go on. Post what you...