1. Chadders46

    What's everyone thinking of the new fixture?

    Opinions on the new fixture what's everyone thinking?
  2. TimothyJ23

    Portfolio 2020 Fixture Wallpapers

    I'm back again 👀 So far complete are: DESKTOP: ✅ AFLW Fixture ✅ Adelaide Crows AFLW ✅ Brisbane Lions AFLW ✅ Collingwood AFLW ✅ Fremantle AFLW ✅ St Kilda AFLW AFLW Not complete: Carlton, Geelong, GWS, Gold Coast, Melbourne, North, Richmond, West Coast, Western Bulldogs Please request if you...
  3. Fonetiks

    AFL Conferences & Fixturing

    AFL Conferences & Fixturing Discussion Thread I've had a bit of a look but I'm yet to locate a recent thread dedicated to discussing the idea of conferences and alternative fixturing in the AFL. Please redirect me if there is such a place. We've heard of East / West conferences, previous...