1. bigblueboy

    Our next coach

    Think it’s time to start this discussion. We should be seeking the best - Clarkson.
  2. austinnn

    Coaching Staff Eye on our Coaching (Ratten, Lade, Batchelor, Slater sign on)

    It seems that St Kilda Football Club is on the up and all the jigsaw pieces are falling into place in all areas: administration, playing talent, recruitment and list management, club profile, membership numbers, etc With no disrespect meant, a big unknown at our club in a way is our coaching...
  3. N

    WAFC: Expressions of Interest

    The Wollongong Australian Football Club are currently seeking expressions of interest for the following positions for the 2017 season: Division 1 + Head Coach + Assistant Coach +Team Manager Division 2 + Head Coach + Assistant Coach + Team Manager For more information CLICK HERE We also...
  4. PerthBoy86

    Players that become coaches

    I'm speaking mainly of players who go on to coach their own club (in the past there were also captain-coaches like Jock McHale). They're often ex-captains/leaders, John Worsfold, Nathan Buckley, Michael Voss, etc, known for their leadership quality, footy-smarts...usually midfielders, since...
  5. sonnywalters

    Justin Leppitsch sack watch

    We are now in his third year and the Lions have a % of 62.3 and dont look like getting another win anytime soon. They are simply not competitive. With Hardwick and Buckley now safe in their positions, the only coaches on high alert are Leppitsch and Rocket Eade. Rocket Eade is only in his...

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