1. Kurve

    Current Ex Rebels President Assassinated by Sniper Shot at the Motorplex Perth - WA
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    A former motorcycle gang president has been fatally shot in front of a crowd of people at Perth's Kwinana Motorplex on Saturday night. Another man — a patched member of the Rebels gang — was shot and a five-year-old child suffered a minor injury during the shooting. WA Police have carried out a...
  2. Kurve

    Current Brayden Dillon 15 yo - Execution Sydney

    The night before 15-year-old Brayden Dillon died, he messaged his mates, trying to organise a group trip to the Sydney Royal Easter Show on Good Friday. It was to his friends he had also expressed concern that someone was after him over his older brother's alleged wrong doings. By the next...
  3. Kurve

    Current Rebels bikies descend on Melbourne - There goes the neighbourhood

    Greeted with a massive show of force. 100 of them are costing us a lot of money. A massive police operation is being carried out as more than 100 Rebels bikies descend on Melbourne ahead of a national event this weekend. Authorities have set up an elaborate checkpoint with roads blocked off...
  4. Run n Spread

    Current General Crime Chat: disturbing killers, other crimes and miscellaneous stuff

    A man has been sentenced to prison for "spitting." Meanwhile we have police too squeamish to shoot dead a terrorist or call in a Counter Terroism Unit at the least until 18 hours after the fact (circa 2014 Lyndt siege) and a Cardinal (one of the most powerful men in the world) in one of the most...