1. jmac91

    Should the AFL get rid of VFL Premierships and only count AFL?

    In Advance, If this thread is in the wrong place, move it. Now, with the recent talks of the AFL possibly counting VFA premierships as AFL Premierships, I would like to bring forward the reverse. There has been 37 years since the first full time Interstate club (South Melbourne to Sydney), 29...
  2. PerthBoy86

    Supporters of Interstate teams in Melbourne

    I was just wondering, how would you rank the interstate clubs in terms of how much support/how many supporters they have in Melbourne? I'm a transplant from Perth, been here 3-4 years, and every time I go to a game here, I'm surprised at the number of Eagles supporters. At some games, like say...
  3. PerthBoy86

    Interstate supporters in Melbourne

    I was at the Collingwood vs West Coast game, and anyone else who went, couldn't help but notice that, as is usual nowadays here, the sheer number of Eagles fans. I would estimate it myself at at least 30% judging from what I saw in the crowd, and the general noise they made. I was near the...
  4. M

    Non Victorian Members

    Hey guys, I couldnt find another section for this, but if there is, sorry. I am an SA member, and had a panic attack on Tuesday that I had not heard about tickets for the game here in Adelaide given that it is only a couple of weeks away (16Jul). So I called the club and they said that it had...

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