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    Live Event The Official 2023 NBA Playoffs Thread presented by Google Pixel (including the Play-Ins)

    After 82 emotional games, spanning 25 weeks, we finally made it here. The Play in games opens the post season (posted dates USA time) OKC, Memphis rested their entire roster it seemed. As did Dallas. The Knicks did not. The Lakers announced the signing of reinforcements today as well...
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    The Bigfooty NBA Week 13 Thread - Where NBA contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season

    Philly have already dispatched the pesky Pistons, Jim Harden registering a triple double. Whereas in the north, The Raps took care of the Trailblazers from Portland. Portlands bench was wildly outscored. In fact Portlands only bench scoring contribution came via one 3 point bucket courtesy of...
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    2022-3 NBA Week 2: Jazz and Spurs doing it wrong

    The Utah Jazz sit on top of the NBA unbeaten. Clearly heeding HQ words of warning to circumvent the T word. Allowing for Thanksgiving, the NBA have avoided scheduling inter conference games.
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    The Official Bigfooty NBA Thread Week 8. When will the Suns streak start?

    The Suns were finally knocked off the the Warriors, who then succumbed to Spurs who were wearing ..... wtf were they wearing? Anyway, I'm sure you'll agree the number 1 requested item from Santa this year is something coming out of Phoenix that could one day rival.......
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    2021 NBA Playoffs Thread First Round. Vale Heat, Celtics, Wizards, Knicks, Grizzlies, Trail Blazers, Lakers, Mavericks

    Welcome to the inaugural post COVID-19 crowd restricted NBA playoffs. The playoff picture is almost complete as the Grizzly bears are trying to claw their way to 8th spot in San Francisco. Winner to take on the Jazz. So as it stands right now (22:47 Friday 21st May, USA Eastern daylight time)...
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    Certified Legendary Thread The Official Bigfooty NBA Week 1 Thread (December 23, 2020)

    The NBA season we never though we'd have was had, and it's successor is here to success. The NBA have decided to open it's second unprecedented season with two mouthwatering morsels, tipped to fill your sarlacc pit belly. Once were mighty Golden State travel to Brooklyn to face the new born...
  7. nahnah

    2019 NBA Offseason Thread - Free Agency starts 6 p.m. ET on June 30

    For those who's teams are out of the playoff hunt join in the offseason discussion early! Top Free agents, (where will they end up?): Kevin Durant DeMarcus Cousins Kawhi Leonard Kyrie Irving Klay Thompson Tobias Harris Kris Middleton Jimmy Butler Kemba Walker Draft lottery - 15th of May NBA...
  8. Son of Skeletor

    Play Nice The Official Bigfooty NBA Week 15 thread

    Probably more like the Pacers, who were really consistent and pretty damn unlucky. IMO the Knicks were never serious contenders after 94, they just kept overachieving in the playoffs. Also a lot in common with the Portland, Seattle, Phoenix & Utah teams of the era. Yeah they were. Didn't go...
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    The official Bigfooty NBA week 6 thread - insert witty line here

    Nothing really noteworthy over night. The stench of the Green-Durant saga lingers, although slowly wafting away. Taking it's toll......perhaps this is the only way the Ws can be stopped? Enjoy your day.
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    The Official Bigfooty NBA week 2 thread - Spit gate

    In some cultures accepting the spittle (saliva ejected from ones mouth) from another is considered beneficial for your health. In others it is a sign of love (insert gif of olivia munn kissing blonde lass), which breaks down barriers of hatred spewed. But what we have witnessed in the last 24...
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    Win Prizes The NBA Off-Season Thread 2018 (now includes pre season games)

    Welcome brethren to the off season thread. Some of us have been here for some time, some proudly, others agonisingly. Here we enjoy the fruits of the off season where winners will win (lottery and draft) and others will arrive in June, vanquished and in search of solace from the boards...
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    2017-18 Pacific Division Preview Thread

    (team logos may have changed) Welcome to the Pacific Division Preview thread for 2018-19. It was only yesterday when the Durant led GSW created history and claimed the 16-17 NBA Championship. It was full of dare, flair punctuated by the new villain Kevin Durant. How will the landscape change...