1. S

    NRL Adelaide in a second's division expansion

    I believe an alternative way to giving Adelaide an NRL team would be to add them to a combined NSW Cup and Instust Super Cup. Split the combined league into two conferences (North and South), make the North Conference the current ISC with the addition of a Darwin team, and then in the South...
  2. OhhhhhCyril

    The BF Unofficial league thread.

    That’s right folks, it’s that time of the season, and I thought while we have a thread for an official BF listing, this is the place to advertise your own. Once again I’ll be running the Campaigners Cup. Rules: Entry is a 6 pack of beer (in good faith) and prizes will be distributed to...
  3. NuriootpaTigers

    Keeper League Podcast

    Hey all, A mate and I started a podcast specific to Keeper Leagues. We don't really bother talking about the top scorers, as they're usually already snapped up in keeper leagues. We talk about all the players that are likely to be deeper in draft pools. Check it out here: iTunes Spotify...
  4. Fourthorn

    Cash League $$

    Hey Big Footy Community, I have made another $20 Cash league this year. If you're interested let me know. 18 Players: Pot Size: $360 Prizes: 1st $180 2nd $80 3rd $40 4th $20 Best round score of the season $40. Thanks.
  5. P

    Hi all. Country WA - any other RealDreamTeamers here?

    Hi all I'm Jason coach of the mighty Puke Spuey. I just joined Big Footy. I live in Dunsborough in South West WA. Looking for other country WA RDTmers to join our 2017 league. Warning it's ultra competitive, one of ours finished 4th in 2012 (he was let down in the end by the Fyfe suitcase incident!)
  6. Millky95

    Other WWE 2K17 BigFooty Wrestling (name pending) - Expression of Interest

    Hey VD board In WWE 2K17 there is a huge creation suite available and a mode called Universe mode where you are in control of each show and the wrestlers in each show. There are belts to go for, feuds to have and it is some good fun. I had an idea for a Wrestling Based League story idea but...
  7. johnfrombrazil

    Portfolio Completely Randomic Football League

    Hello people from the other side of the world! These days, with the olympics, I started to work/rework in new templates for each sport I've ever designed. While watching Australia - Brazil in female basketball yesterday, I was working in a new AFL template, and decided to try anything to fill...
  8. Zidane98

    When was the last time a team won the league for the first time?

    With Leicester's dream run they may actually win the league title this season. They have never won the league in their history - can anybody remember the last time the league had a new winner?