1. Sam Hall

    Workshop SANFL Jumper Logo/Sponsor Identification and re-creation

    Hi everyone. I've been trying to detail every SANFL jumper using Mero's templates. Adelaide, Central District, Glenelg, North Adelaide, Norwood, West Torrens and Woodville are complete. West Adelaide is around 95% complete, Port Adelaide is done up until 2001 and I need to start South Adelaide...
  2. Sam Hall

    Workshop Wanted: Graphic designers to create old SANFL sponsor logos etc

    I’m working on a self project using Meros templates to document every SANFL jumper with sponsors. A lot of them however are impossible to find online and need to be recreated. I’m not a good enough designer to do this so I’m looking for some help. I’m after anyone who’s willing to make a whole...
  3. S

    Opinion Petition for a new logo?

    Hi all, catching a lot of us noise about Crows supporters starting to get sick of seeing our ridiculous logo. I feel like it’s a great time to shake things up, especially as we are entering a new era as a footy club and in general life (COVID). What style of logo would we be after as a club...
  4. D

    Poll Logo for footy lifestyle brand.

    Please vote your favourite and write down your opinions!
  5. Nickimus Rex

    Lions logo redesign (EDIT)

    The current logo has really grown on me and I no longer consider it a "paddle-pop" lion logo. Even so, i wanted to have a crack at redesigning the logo with simpler lines, shapes and overall branding, so here is my Lions.fc logo :) Edit: Here is a second set i designed. This is a more...
  6. SFgiant

    Opinion The Shield and Ribbon: Updating the Sacred

    Going through some recent St Kilda paraphernalia I noticed irregularities and oversights of the current design and implementation of the St Kilda shield. It unfortunately creates a sense of amateurishness when looking up and seeing information about the club. A few examples include the poorly...
  7. Team X Logo

    Team X Logo

  8. Andonis1997

    Media Andonis sfa logo remakes

    Hello sfa. i hope you all are havig a great sleep. i am not. anyway so i heard through the grapevine that media threads are dying away. so here is not a meda thread per se but a thread where we analyse the logos of the sweet * association fantasy football teams and then i will try and...
  9. M

    Gold Coast SUNS guernsey discussion

    http://www.realfooty.com.au/news/news/no-oldfashioned-jumper-for-gold-coast/2008/08/15/1218307237918.html THE traditional jumper with stripes or a V-yoke might appeal to purists and romantics, but it does not appeal to the new Gold Coast team. When the new team enters the AFL in 2011 it...