1. Kurve

    Current The Nurse - Tasmania

    A nurse lives in a quiet town in Tasmania, Australia. He spends his life working with children and is the ultimate father figure, but he has a dark secret. People who still hold positions of power protected him. He was cleared for Working With Children...
  2. Run n Spread

    Current General Crime Chat: disturbing killers, other crimes and miscellaneous stuff

    A man has been sentenced to prison for "spitting." Meanwhile we have police too squeamish to shoot dead a terrorist or call in a Counter Terroism Unit at the least until 18 hours after the fact (circa 2014 Lyndt siege) and a Cardinal (one of the most powerful men in the world) in one of the most...
  3. Kurve

    Current Murder of Mayor of Wollongong Frank Arkell - Dirty secrets & the road to redemption

    This is what festers in a culture of secrecy, shame, a fear of speaking out, a lack of transparency and when the powerful are left to take control of a narrative that does NOT belong to them. Stamp a foot and the rats scurry to hide behind suppression orders. Frank Arkell: How a vicious...