1. shellyg

    Current Victoria Police Corruption - Two officers charged assaults & 'excessive use of force'

    Two Victorian police officers accused of using excessive force on a Melbourne man have been charged by the state's anti-corruption watchdog. The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission charged a constable with unlawful assault and assault with a weapon, and a senior constable with...
  2. shellyg

    Current Murder by poison - Novichok nerve agent in the UK and other deadly toxins

    UK police and counter-terrorism officers race to find source of new nerve agent poisoning. More than 100 officers were looking for clues in a race to understand how two local people were exposed to a nerve agent that was produced in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. . British Home...
  3. shellyg

    Current Two Young Teens Dead In Targeted Shooting - NW Sydney

    A boy and girl, described by police as "young teenagers" were killed in the incident while a woman in her 30s, who police believe to be their mother, turned up at the scene shortly after police arrived. Ryde police were now working with the homicide squad and had identified a person of...
  4. shellyg

    Current Terrorism Raids

    A 21-year-old man has been charged after counter-terrorism raids in Brisbane's south early on Saturday morning. The Kuraby man faces 14 charges, including five counts of preparations for incursions into a foreign country. Police from the Brisbane Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) and ASIO...
  5. Run n Spread

    Current General Crime Chat: disturbing killers, other crimes and miscellaneous stuff

    A man has been sentenced to prison for "spitting." Meanwhile we have police too squeamish to shoot dead a terrorist or call in a Counter Terroism Unit at the least until 18 hours after the fact (circa 2014 Lyndt siege) and a Cardinal (one of the most powerful men in the world) in one of the most...

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