1. dawsonhe

    Gold Logo Premiers Guernseys Wanted Will Pay $$$

    I am looking to purchase a variety of Gold Logo Guernsey's. I would only want it brand new, preferably with the tags. If you have one and are willing to sell please let me know how much. The ones I am looking for are: Geelong 2007 Premiers Hawthorn 2008 Premiers Geelong 2009 Premiers...
  2. TheDoctor11

    Discussion Footy Jumpers Buy Swap Sell – new rules in OP

    If you're looking to offload jumpers or swap them for that jumper you've always wanted, post all sale/swapping related issues in this thread! Rules (as of February 2018): BigFooty, the Footy Jumpers & Graphic Design board and its moderators are not responsible for any transactions made/moneys...
  3. L

    WCE Memorabilia

    Hey guys I’m just wondering how much these 90s wooden posters all with licensed or approved product stamps on them and possibly once hung in the MCG I’m just wondering what they would be worth not looking at selling quite yet, I’m just wondering if they’re worth anything thanks
  4. TheAFLtragicican

    Players you would like to see win a premiership

    Just a thought, and this may already exist, but here goes: Which team/s would you like to see win a premiership so that a player on that team can finish, knowing they got the ultimate prize in AFL? For example: Freo for David Mundy's sake. He's been through all the highs and lows, stuck with...
  5. Rotayjay

    Equalisation - the facts and the premiership merry-go-round

    Equalisation isn't the hottest topic in the world of the AFL, but it's perennially brought up because it directly affects all of us two million-odd fans. If we didn't each want our team to win flags, we wouldn't be supporters. Equalisation measures such as the salary cap, draft, and 'luxury...