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  • Hi
    I was checking out the Universal Templates thread and found you posted a SVG Inkscape file for a guernsey. Unfortunately, the link is broken. Do you know who might have any guernsey inkscape templates? I been looking for one. Cheers!
    I'd try Pie_machine, he's probably the most prominent user of Inkscape that I can think of. I'll try to fix the link later on as well when I get back from work tonight.
    Hey mate, where do you want me to post the NAFL grand final??? On the main board or in the comps board?
    Look, you just turned dark blue. Welcome, use those weapons well, and see you in mod land. G
    Finish your character Bio. Seems I found a theme and ran with it. Formatting is woeful but impossible to fix now.

    I think i worked you out.
    I didn't get your FB message again mate - sure you sent it to the right account? ;)
    Nah, unfortunately I didn't :( Was gonna have a crack at it but the parents went away for its last 2 days...
    Good work mate. You started posting in the FGD board just as I was stopping. I think I better get back into it. There is also a complete bunch of new guys in there other than Gibbsy, craegus and Cory.

    So congrats on being the new mod.
    Ok, you're lit up. Congrats. Any issues/questions/thoughts that kind of stuff, drop me or any of the supers a PM. And visit and post in the board room too!
    Haha cheers mate, it's one of the best! Along with one of my fave Simpsons quotes - "Professor, without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it's time for viewers to crack each other's heads open and feast on the goo inside?" "Yes I would Kent" :D
    cant edit a poll after it's created to change anything in it or make it multi.
    only option is to either keep as is, or make a new thread. I'm gonna re-make the thread with multi-poll option.
    Hey mate. I think I'll just go it alone with the Euro league thing, sorry to muck you about.

    Good luck with yours though. :thumbsu:
    I'm roughly halfway through working on my own one, but I can't see why I can't do another one too. :) I'll let you know for sure in the next couple of days.
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