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  • Hi mate,
    I'm making replica jumpers on auskick for our kids in vietnam and wondering if you had all the monograms on the back of jumpers for all the teams? vector format would be fantastic. cheers in advance.
    I need to use the name of your website because I am writing something to Eddie McGuire and he needs to see the jumpers I am talking about so would that be Ok?
    Yeah, that's fine. I believe Eddie will have come across at some time in the past.
    I have heard you can make afl guernseys. If this is true could you please make me that Collingwood Barcode Guernsey. Also could I have a number 5 on it in size small. Could you tell me the price as well. Also I need a Werribee tigers 1993 VFA guernsey in size small with number 5. Also tell me the price for this.
    Know where I could find a 1997 port Adelaide guernsey ?
    Port Adelaide? I don't really know. I could get one made for you, without logos. Could do the NFL style numbers though
    You're not allowed to do it with logos?
    No, that makes it an AFL product. Though they had older logos, so we might be able to, I will check with the manufacturer and see if he's OK with it
    Hi Mero West Coast Eagles suggested you might know my question. l have a VFA Brunswick football jumper with a " Polworth" manufacturing label. I'm trying to find out when it was made, 1970 was my guess but I'm not 100% sure. Could you help. Thanks
    Yes, Polworth was around in the 70s, but by the 80s they'd stopped making VFL jumpers. I don't know if that means they went out of business or whether they just didn't do the VFL clubs. I can't say definitively whether they did VFA jumpers after the 1970s.
    I'm pretty sure WCE use the same template for all their jumpers (the one you've used on the royal blue away is the right one I think).
    Hey Mero, just wondering if you can help me out with a few graphics;
    The cat face as seen on the 2008-10 Geelong Clash,
    The magpie on the 2003 Collingwood clash,
    A current eagle head,
    Any graphics to do with the current essendon clash,
    A Fiztroy FFC monogram,
    the crrent paddle pop lion.
    If all these were as large as possible that would be awesome.
    Cheers, SFgiant.
    What format do you want them in?
    PNG pictures if thats alright
    Mero, saw this on the AFL Photos when I was looking through. It says it's SA from the 1970's, but whats on the front?
    Hey Mero, If you could send those designs to - It'd be greatly appreciated! Cheers mate I owe you one!
    You have a spelling error on the Collingwood 2006 Heritage Jumper page. It says sidee instead of sides.
    Just 2 things, I think Adelaide clash has the new club logo above the numbers and that collingwood have removed the club logo from the jumper.
    Hello Mero,
    I was wondering if u could get me either a 2004 Richmond heritage jumper or 2004 carlton heritage jumper?
    the one off section wasnt showing up for me before and good to here about the Qld jumper :)
    More for your neverending footyjumpers 'To Do' list...

    - Sydney have been widening their yoke progressively for several years since the 90s.
    - Sydney didn't start using SMFC until 2004.
    - Sydney had bold numbers in 2001-2.

    - Fremantle didn't have the 'realistic' anchor shape on their home jumper until 2001
    - the earlier anchor (home and away) had a much thicker white centre.
    I had some of those old logos somewhere, but I will have to look for them.
    As for the logos, I either traced the text, or used a font that I thought was close.
    Ah cheers.

    For the logos you redrew, did you recreate the typeface yourself?

    One other thing, what was the story with these logos (#123, the right half)? Have you redrawn them?

    Cheers again
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