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Enjoyed the video, answered quite a lot of the questions I'd been asking myself (like what to do with Baldwin, Dixon, and also made me undo my Whitfield > Bowey to get Cripps in favour of some of the ones you recommended). I'm a bit shit at SC so found it pretty insightful.

Thanks for tuning in mate! Sounds like a great trade option. Feel free to reach out any time on FB/Twitter if you are ever in need or advice or want to send in a question answered on the poddy. :)

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Very polished product and you're a good broadcaster Damon.
Sounds like my Dad secretly signed up to BF to give me some support! Haha! ;)

Nah, thank you mate, it’s much appreciated. Hopefully for my lack of polish with the spoken word I make up for in terrible gags, and bring a chuckle or two out with our banter.

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