MVP 2024 MVG - Round 9 vs Bombers

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Nov 23, 2015
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Well, that was terrible. The usual good start, then getting run over the top of. Some glimpses of good things, but no more than that. A poor way to thank Callan Ward. Who deserves any points? You have 15 to give, 5 to any one player; but if players don't serve points, you don't need to use all 15. Over to you.
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5- Tom Green
4- Stephen Coniglio
3- Sam Taylor
2- Callan Ward
1- Jesse Hogan
5. Tom Green
4. Cogs
3. Taylor
2. Perryman
1. Hogan
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Any final points?

Actually, I'd better add mine in!

3 - Tom Green: I actually thought he played a pretty solid game, but wasn't good enough for long enough against their mids
3 - Stephen Coniglio: similar, provided some run and was good early, but couldn't counter the Swans mids later in the game
3 - Sam Taylor: continues to be strong defensively
2 - Jesse Hogan: did a good job up forward, marking a lot of marks, but his supply dried up
2 - Keiren Briggs: again, when he can grab the ball, we are good from the centre bounce, but if not, we are not
1 - Harry Perryman: defensively a sterling job

Not going to award the last point - didn;t think anyone else deserved it.
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