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Full site rules can be found here:

Rules about content can be found here:

On registration you agreed to not use the forum to submit or link to any Content which is:
  • defamatory,
  • hateful,
  • threatening,
  • abusive,
  • spam or spam-like,
  • likely to offend,
  • contains adult or objectionable content,
  • contains personal information of others,
  • risks copyright infringement,
  • encourages unlawful activity,
  • or otherwise violates any laws.

In this being the Giants formative years as a fully fledged AFL club we are looking at growing and developing this board as much as possible and have a number of ideas in pursuing this goal, but as a new club we are especially keen to hear any ideas from GWS supporters to make this board as enjoyable as possible. And to this end there are a number of rules and guidelines that need to be followed.

Firstly to be completely clear this board is primarily for Giants supporters. While opposition supporters are welcomed and encouraged to share their views if it is done in a respectful and responsible manner, our primary goal is for the board to be for the enjoyment of GWS supporters.

That said the rules and guidelines apply equally to GWS supporters and opposition supporters alike and if you don't follow the rules and guidelines that are set out below, there are a range sanctions that will be handed out to transgressors.

First, please refer to the BigFooty forum rules.

GWS GIANTS board rules
  • New posters are always welcome and are to be treated as such.
  • No personal abuse. Attack the ball, not the man.
  • No evasion of the swear filter. If we as contributors to the board see a bunch of asterisks in your post, we all know the point you’re trying to get across!
  • Exaggerated criticism of the players or the club will not be tolerated.
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and each opinion should be respected. If you disagree with someone’s opinion, provide a reasonable reply explaining why you disagree rather than using dismissal or abuse.
  • Rumours should be clearly labelled as rumours; we have a thread prefix for that. Rumours posted without a source will be taken with a grain of salt
  • If you find a post to be offensive, out of line or in breach of the forum or board rules, please click ‘Report Post’. We as moderators do spend a lot of time on the board however we might not catch everything.
Opposition supporters
  • First and foremost, we welcome opposition supporters and are more than happy to have you here provided you are willing to add something to the board.
  • Remember where you are, this is the GWS Giants board and the moderators and regular posters will not take kindly to posters coming onto the board and throwing excrement into the fan.
  • Trolling will not be tolerated in any instance. There’s a place for trolling and we all know where it is.
  • Any derogatory labeling in the vein of "plastic franchise", "fake club/supporters" etc will result in a sanction.
  • Giants posters are free to show arrogance or over-confidence in their team as this is their board. Criticism of Giants posters for their inflated views on their own team is not necessary nor will it be tolerated.
  • If a GWS supporter has been playing up on your team’s board or other boards, have it dealt with by the moderators of that board by reporting any infringing posts. The Giants board is not the place for retaliation.
The key thing for all to remember is that we’re on a footy forum, and we’re here to discuss footy. While many of us make significant emotional, financial or other investments in the clubs we support, it’s still just footy.

We have had very few problems on this board as moderators and are intent on keeping it that way!

If you have any questions or issues to raise, please feel free to PM one or both of us.

Yours in footy,
captainMyCaptain and Scully2Folau
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Jan 9, 2012
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Post Quoting Addendum

Quoting Posts from Another Board

It's been a long standing Big Footy rule that people shouldn't quote a post from another board. Why? Because it just drags people between boards, often to a club board where they don't have the same right of reply.

Lately BF mods have been allowing post text to be quoted, providing the author and link to the post are removed. This is generally OK with common sense applied:

1) Have some originality. Copying and pasting from another board shouldn't be the bulk of a user's contribution.
2) Don't deliberately agitate. It cannot be used to bully and harass other users.
3) Be current. It is relevant to an issue at hand, not solely to ridicule random posts.
4) If you give it, you should be able to take it. This is non-negotiable. If the quoted person finds their text and derogatory comments reposted, they should be given more leeway to reply in kind. This isn't an open-slather opportunity to let opposition posters run rampant, but it does give them a right of reply.
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