Analysis GC Titans/Crowd Comparison

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Sinkin Corona's
Jun 9, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
What do you even say about the Titans' loss tonight? Came in as the big favourites as the 7th placed team in the NRL against a struggling 15th placed Brisbane outfit, had a 22-0 lead early on and then conceded 36 points in a row to become the opponents in the Broncos' biggest ever comeback win. Like I've said before in this thread, I can't really get a read on where the Titans are right now. A lot of the media penciled them in for finals this year before the season started but tonight's loss raises a lot of questions.
Beyond embarrassing and devastating I have no words, let’s believe for a better result tomorrow against the AFL’s powerhouse. Go you SUNS

Mr Bods

Norm Smith Medallist
May 21, 2017
Southern GC-the beautiful city
AFL Club
Gold Coast
I’m so disappointed in the Titans. Three weeks of poor character in defence.
The loss of the Suns to Carlton two weeks ago and the Titans one to Souffs a week ago has told me that I won’t be again going to finals footy in either code despite the Love and $$$$$ I pour into both.
And that Drongoes experience tonight....I don’t have words.
I’m going to bed now just so down in the dumps.

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