Game Day Rd 5: Pussies v North at the expanded Baked Potato State Government Handout Stadium.

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Would like for anyone over the age of 24 to exert manic pressure and intent. Anyone under 24 to show some glimpses of the skills and talent that got them selected as high picks. Would be nice to see the bones of a game style/plan but I think that’s asking too much

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I know some people think this is going be a slaughter, but I don't think it will be, yes they have a structure and experience but we've got youth and possibly our best structure in this year! I've said it once but now I'll say it again, lets see how good they really are, no ifs or buts, if they are still this good it should be at least an 80 point drubbing against what some people say is one of the worst defences in a long time.

Coupled with the fact that they are 4-0, there is really no excuses why they don't bury us on Sunday, alas that they aren't that good after all! The big question for me is, will Scott tag LDU with Atkins or will he back his team in? If he doesn't, I do think we can win this game even if some people think we are more chance at Josh Kelly coming to us than getting a win at Kardinia Park. Must get off to a fast start, its imperative! If this happens, forget the negative thinkers, confidence and momentum will be the key!:north::north:

As stevie wonder would say, I just can't see that happening
Geelong might be the worst side that we've played all year (even at 4-0), but it's hard to ignore our years of poor form against them. Especially at their ground.

If it weren't for the Dawson and Zurhaar injuries, I'd be comfortable saying that this is easily our best-named 22 for the entire year. Slowly Clarkson has been making the changes I've wanted to the side, and this week with a genuine second KPF, Comben and McKercher settling in new roles, Stephenson out, and hopefully some more responsibility for Jy, we'll start to clean up some of our weaknesses.

Going back to Dawson and Zurhaar, I'm a little intrigued by how we look without them. On paper we're downgrading both names with the Sellers and Nyuon debuts, but structurally I think both changes could make a lot of sense. Comben instead of being that loose interceptor looks more likely to be the deepest defender with license to come off of his man, that leaves Dawson in a less accountable role, where I think aerially he has been pretty mediocre. We all know how huge having a second KPF to pair with Larkey could be, and like many, Sellers is the man I'm most interested in today.

I'm not expecting a win today, but hopefully it's a positive day for us that lets us take some momentum into a must-win game next week against the Hawks.

From an individual POV, I'm hoping Comben continues with the confidence that he found in that fourth quarter, I hope McKercher builds on his shaky start in the forward half and gets a deserved rising star nomination, I want Sellers and Nyuon to look like they belong at this level, and I'm hoping Tom Powell can return to our bests and continue building on what's been a great year so far. If I see all of that I'll be a very happy man, regardless of the result.
Happy "Annual Get Rogered in Geelong Day" to those who observe.

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What’s our Comm Team looking like today?

Dwayne and Kelli yesterday were on Foxtel
I am all for women in jobs that are mostly male dominated but just anyone but Kelli please. Having said that, SEN sync is helpful if that happens.
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