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Norwood Oval's lighting system has been given an upgrade. Check out the video below thanks to VALO.

Looking forward to being there for Sturt v Norwood in round 2 on a thursday night :D
I know LED’s are brighter than conventional lights but I’m surprised that they’ve reduced the number of lights on each tower.

Maybe more energy efficient too?

I'm also assuming there's no plans to bring back night games at Elizabeth?
Maybe more energy efficient too?

I'm also assuming there's no plans to bring back night games at Elizabeth?
Not this season from what I've heard from the club, however they are looking at Saturday twilight games during the second half of the season which hasn't had start times fully locked in.


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Possibly not AFL approved according to the Norwood Supporters Group over on Facebook

Peak Norwood! Waste a ton of money on unnecessary LED signage purely for wank value, and they’re not AFL standard.

Having said that, surely the AFL would’ve known this weeks ago and if they’re not AFL standard, put in temporary hoarding that’s AFL standard.

Especially as they did exactly that at Mt Barker.
Maybe a new ground for East Perth…

East Perth look to relocate facilities to Whiteman Park as part of $40m development

Mitchell Woodcock - The West Australian
Mon, 12 June 2023 9:58AM

East Perth are investigating a potential move of their facilities into the heart of their fastest growing zone.

Royals chief executive Dean Turner confirmed to The West Australian the club had begun looking at building a facility estimated to cost $40m at Whiteman Park by 2025.

East Perth would still play their games at Leederville Oval for the foreseeable future, but Turner would not rule out relocating matches there as well if the initial move went well.

The club has until late this year to get the plan off the ground, with their lease with the City of Vincent up at the end of next year and a 10-year extension option on the table, which they need to let them know by October if they are taking up.

Turner said the expansion of the WAFLW programs of both East Perth and Subiaco in recent years meant up to 10 teams were trying to use Leederville Oval weekly to train on as well as play games which was unsustainable.
East Perth chief executive Dean Turner has revealed they will look to build new facilities at Whiteman Park.

A move to Whiteman Park would put the club’s facilities on the new train line and in the middle of one of the biggest population growth areas in metropolitan Perth, which East Perth oversee as part of their allocated zone.

“Long term it can offer a lot in the sense that you’re going to get growth and the young kids,” Turner said.

“It will sit right on the train line so people can get to and from and they believe that the Malaga train station will be one of the busiest in WA.

“We think it (the area) has got huge potential for a lot of houses to go in there and hopefully young players that we can develop.”

Turner said the club had worked on the proposal with the Department of Sport and Culture but nothing had progressed for about four months.

“We have had meetings with David Templeman and Rita Saffioti to try to see if there’s anything that the State Government can help or try to move forward. But we’ve had no response come back,” he said.

It comes as the WAFC engage the nine clubs as well as West Coast and Fremantle to ensure the sustainability of the competition amidst financial and attendance woes.

The commission and clubs will spend the next few months formulating a strategy that they plan to reveal in the final months of the year.
TBH that's a deadset no brainer for East Perth. Plenty of land and much closer to the middle of their zone.
Makes perfect sense and Subiaco should really be looking to move somewhere in the city of stirling or even out to Kingsway.
Do you guys just mean for trainings, or for games too. Otherwise if both East Perth and Subiaco move, what happens to Leederville Oval.
Not a WAFL Ground, but the City of Cockburn and Fremantle Dockers are consulting on a business plan to upgrade the Dockers HQ and Cockburns Recreation Centre, which will include spectator seating.

Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Centre - Business Plan - Proposal to Enter Major Land Transaction

The City’s components - 695m2 of new and approximately 1,999m2 of reconfigured space including the existing gym floor:
• Increasing the gym floor space to 1500m2
• Increasing the Body and Mind Studio to 250m2
• Relocating and modifying the main group fitness studio
• Relocating and modifying the indoor cycle studio
• Converting existing administration spaces to increase gym floor space
• Moving the administration spaces to other areas within the facility.

FFC Components - 790m2 internal + 465m2 outdoor terrace and seating:
• Gender neutral change rooms and amenities
• Spectator seating area and public amenity
• DDA toilet
• Lift
• Multipurpose room

The FFC will benefit from the investment in infrastructure which will address the current inequality in the AFLW and the AFL men’s facilities. The FFC’s AFLW team currently uses makeshift community changeroom facilities originally built to service the Cockburn ARC indoor stadium facilities. These facilities will now be available to grow community participation further within the indoor stadium.

The facilities will allow FFC to grow and strengthen its partnership with WA Police, which focuses heavily on youth engagement programs. The facility upgrade will also allow the FFC to expand its partnership with WA All Abilities Football as part of the alignment with the Purple Hands Foundation, who has committed to a five-year partnership and became a founding partner in 2021.

It is anticipated that the expansion will cost approximately $17.5 million. The City will be signing the building contract as the principal and the building contract will relate to both the expansion of the City areas and the FFC areas. The parties will enter into a development agreement in relation to the expansion and the City will procure the works.

The City will pay for the costs of the City areas from its own funds set aside for that purpose. The City areas will cost approximately $10.5m.

FFC will pay for the cost of their portion of the works totalling $7 million from the following sources:
• WAFC/AFL $650,000
• State Government $2.5m
• FFC cash contribution $3.85m

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