2nds WAFL Round 3, 2024: Player Video Review vs East Fremantle

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Premiership Player
Oct 13, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
#5 Dom Sheed

#8 Andrew Gaff

#13 Liam Ryan

#24 Harvey Johnstone

#26 Zane Trew

#29 Clay Hall
#30 Harry Barnett

#31 Jamaine Jones

#38 Jordyn Baker

#39 Coen Livingstone

#43 Tyrell Dewar

#49 Jai Culley
Trew looked pretty impressive. Great hands in close. Tough to get a look in as an inside mid though with Yeo, Reid and Kelly.

Sheed and Gaff don’t look to have done much to warrant a recall.

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Boy Johnston is just a natural isn't he?

Good off both feet too which unfortunately is not something you see often these days, especially from guys who are natural lefties

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