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  1. Coach_Required

    Analysis Can you make a 2020 Richmond fixture that would satisfy opposition fans?

    "What a shit fixture you guys have 14 games in Melbourne" ...… #VICBIAS
  2. Mister M

    2020 AFL fixture released

    If you were "cool" you and your fellow West Coast Whinger supporter base wouldn't be spending so much time whinging about #VICBIAS and how the FIXture and the MCG finals is corrupt :think:
  3. Mister M

    2020 AFL fixture released

    Still melting?? Can you explain how to me how #VICBIAS aligns with West Coast's league High positive Free Kick Differential? Or that how the "establishment propping up its cash cows" aligns with the West Coast Whingers rant that if the Eagles weren't included into the old VFL that the AFL...
  4. Mister M

    2020 AFL fixture released there as well..... where do you suggest Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon, Melbourne, etc play Richmond for their home games? I feel that this complaint continually comes up in every other thread on Big Footy. Yet-- no West Coast Whinger seems to have an actual answer to it other than...
  5. Carringbush2010

    MCG tenants on Grand Final day

    ...then we wouldn't see attempts by HQ to grow the game in foreign territory i:e GC and GWS. For the AFL to prop up those clubs while being vicbias would be self contradictory wouldn't it? If we did go EPL style and award the cup @ end of H&A that would be a shame and I'd be hard pressed to...
  6. Cotcho


    We don't have to play a team that finished higher than us even once!! #VICBIAS
  7. El_Duderino

    2020 AFL fixture released

  8. El_Duderino

    2020 AFL fixture released

    I must admit when I quoted your post before I was going to jump down your throat for typical #VICBIAS agenda but I gave you the benefit of the doubt. :)
  9. Coach_Required

    2020 AFL fixture released

    Eagles fans will be fuming … one less MCG game and have to travel to Tassie 😆 #VICBIAS
  10. harrythetiger

    News 2020 AFLW Season - General

    fu**en having to play home games on our oppositions home ground ffs. And on a Friday night too. Do they know how long it takes to get from Richmond to Carlton by car on a Friday night? #VICBIAS
  11. Cotcho

    Analysis Fixture wishlist: What will your club want in 2020?

    If we aren't scheduled with two games to the e-girls both to be played in WA it will be confirmed in my eyes. #VICBIAS is alive and well
  12. Chunky09

    MCG tenants on Grand Final day

    ...pumped at home to hawthorn, a ground which has arguably the greatest home ground advantage in the league. If west coast had won the flag this year we wouldn’t hear a word, it’s only when they lose that it’s #VICBIAS #FIXture and all the other whinging responses they come up with. Sore losers
  13. tony__montana

    Opposition Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

    ...such BS and C.Scott is doing an incredible job with the cattle he has. -2017 flag was gifted bc we shouldve played at AO and besides umpires #VICBIAS -We got gifted the 2019 flag bc we get BS home finals (I wasnt aware but apparently the prelim shouldve been an away game), plus umpires were...
  14. Do the Dew

    MCG tenants on Grand Final day

    ...argument can be. Lots of people assume we would have lost to Adelaide at AO if the GF had been played there and that we only won cause of #VICBIAS etc etc. I’m not saying there’s no such thing as HGA, just that it is lessened in finals and considerably lessened in GFs, otherwise Brisbane...
  15. Cotcho

    Opposition Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

    Free kick differential #VICBIAS
  16. Big Red Machine

    List Mgmt. 2019 Draft/Trade/FA Thread Martin un-traded. Where next?

    Yeah wouldn't take anything that family says at face value. Don't let the #VICBIAS fool you, We've cleaned out the deadwood and we're building something exciting here.
  17. Cotcho

    Opposition Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine

    Can someone post the free kick ladder for the last decade? #VICBIAS
  18. tony__montana

    Opposition Camp 2019 Premiership Salt Mine that ground and it is, you know, the home ground of another 3/4 sides, so where are they meant to play us? Doesnt matter you dont travel #VICBIAS. How is playing 13 games at the G, half of which are against co tenants so home ground advantage is null and void more of an advantage than...

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