Usage for hash tag: VICBIAS

  1. Coach_Required

    Concerning signs for the West Coke E-girls

    LOL Shame you guys turned to utter crap in the 2 years the GF was played outside Victoria. #VICBIAS
  2. The 747

    Speculation Jason Horne-Francis [OOC 2023]

    Oh a pre-sook about #VICBIAS
  3. Toump Ass

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 8 - Demons v Saints Sun May 8th 1:10pm EST (MCG)

    Hehe, just a little bit of #VICBIAS from me sorry!
  4. Saveloy Rockstar

    How's Justin Longmanure working out for you Failmantle

    Mrs. Mac’s #VICBIAS
  5. captain blood 17

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 7 - Eagles v Tigers Fri April 29th 8:10pm EST/6:10pm WST (OS)

    Game would of been far more competitive if it hadn’t of been played at the MCG. #VICBIAS
  6. SunshineBoy

    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs West Coast & Changes for R8 vsCollingwood

    There’s a few of them to worry about ……….pmsl #VICBIAS
  7. Foley#41

    Game Day Round 7 West Coast vs Richmond gameday

    Richmond double WetCoke free kicks #VICBIAS
  8. The 747

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 7 - Eagles v Tigers Fri April 29th 8:10pm EST/6:10pm WST (OS)

    Not really, either we watch Richmond lose or we watch West Coast lose at home. Either way it's fun, the umpiring will be diabolical and the crowd will booooooooo. Plus our usual WA crew will cry #VICBIAS regardless.
  9. davos44

    Player Watch Rising Star 2022 Discussion

    ...plays with the confidence of a 200 game player, has elite goal sense, is one of the most accurate kicks in the game, turns around then destroys opposition defenders and reads the play better than any small forward in the competition. If he doesn't win the RS its #VICBIAS You rolled your eyes.
  10. The 747

    Autopsy AFL 2022 Round 6 - Port v Eagles Sat April 23rd 4:35pm EST (AO)

    Don't worry there will be some way to blame it on #VICBIAS
  11. Spooky17

    List Mgmt. Contracts, trades, draft - 2021 offseason edition

    Norf’s current situation is entirely their own doing. Why do they deserve to be rewarded with a priority pick for poor decisions? #VICBIAS
  12. The_Wookie

    Gillon stepping down 2022 - Press Conference at 11:30am EST

    We've had 2 CEO's each from Victoria (Oakley/Demetriou) and 2 from SA (Jackson/Maclachlan). Maybe could use some WA blood in the CEOs office. Although of 4 Chairmen of the Commission its been 2 from Vic (Kennedy/Evans) and 2 from WA (Fitzpatrick/Goyder). #VICBIAS
  13. mrmonkey

    MFC Fans Only Non-Dees Footy Chat 2022

    Every team gets an advantage against an interstate side. I saw a poster mention Bulldogs have 80 for and 50 against free kicks #VICBIAS but didn't mention the two Vic teams the western have already played. Mind you Carlton game was 19 each.
  14. MarcMaverick

    MFC Fans Only Non-Dees Footy Chat 2022

    So not #VICBIAS but more #freekickbulldogs
  15. SunshineBoy

    AFL integrity is in question this season

    you know it’s #VICBIAS
  16. Demonic Ascent

    Opinion Why are the interstate teams so bad? How do we fix them?

    White anting lol blame the AFL and #VICBIAS because you're team choked in a Grand Final, because your club self imploded due to poor governance and leadership Keep blaming everyone else though, it ensures you'll never fix anything which is better for the other clubs
  17. A

    Changes for Round 2 v Norf

    The smirk on Reiwoldts face.... Fair play to Lyon. Funny thing was they all without question acknowledged that "if this was Collingwood or Carlton we'd be squealing" #VICBIAS