Usage for hash tag: VICBIAS

  1. SunshineBoy

    West Coast Eagles 2021

    but but but #VICBIAS
  2. NetworkNerd

    AFL Personalised Numberplates

    SA people get 7 letters and WA people get 8 So much for #VICBIAS
  3. Soberian Tiger

    Prediction 2021 Early Ladder Predictions

    ...8 Fremantle 9 Western Bulldogs 10 Carlton 11 Gold Coast 12 Melbourne 13 Collingwood 14 Essendon 15 Adelaide 16 Sydney 17 Hawthorn 18 North Melbourne Five non-Vic clubs in finals with a sixth (GC) a big improver, but flag goes to Punt Rd and first pick to North in a deep, deep draft, so #VICBIAS.
  4. Tiger_Of_Old

    2021 Fixture Discussion

    2yrs in a row we play sides below us. #VICBIAS
  5. Biggie

    News Willie Rioli - Provisionally Suspended

    Lets not turn this into another #VICBIAS sh*t-fight please.
  6. Dylan82

    News Willie Rioli - Provisionally Suspended

    #VICBIAS ;) To be honest the situation is embarrassing for all parties involved - wouldn't be surprised if the instruction from AFL HQ is to give it as little coverage as possible.
  7. B

    If you got the chance to pick an AFL club to play for (other than the one you support), who would it be and why?

    Easily the Lions. Got good friends in Brisbane and it would be nice to have the anonymity of living in a non-footy state. Can also maintain the #VICBIAS rage!!
  8. Barrybran

    Official Match Thread The Season 30 Grand Final – Gold City Royals vs Sin City Swamprats at SFA Park, Sunday December 13th 2020

    I grew up WA and live on the east coast so I understand all too well what it's like to work on #VICBIAS time. Chipmunk and GremioPower can sort their own sh*t out though.
  9. brett15

    New Essendon* player thinks the rules don't apply to him 🙄

    the kid makes a lot of valid points tho, team #VICBIAS ftw! :tearsofjoy:
  10. brabs

    List Mgmt. Contracts. Trades. Draft. 2020 Edition - Part 2 (The Draft)

    Is it just me or is the pick the Vic teams get back after matching a bid, are just before our first pick. #VICBIAS
  11. Tiger_Of_Old

    Player Watch #29: Shai Bolton - What an absolute jet!

  12. ioppolo

    Conspiracy Theory Coronavirus #2

    ...So much pride and ego that I reckon most would rather be a seperate nation that breaks away from Australia. I love some good bants about #VICBIAS and #NSWbias and whatever else but thats generally sport or joke related pisstaking. COVID has made it real and I'd rather stand with Victoria...
  13. 06Premiers

    Opinion The Best Eagles...Never

    I'm all for a Bombers hate bandwagon, but Rama was given an exemption since he had a non-footballing injury whereas Smith unfortunately was. Not exactly a case of #VICBIAS
  14. Mister M

    Bigfooty rivalries

    ...few months because it became tedious and the same half dozen posters would respond to everyone of my comments with the same circular arguments (7 games at the MCG, air travel, #VICBIAS, etc.). I agree with you-- anyone that's still going around and around on those issues now need to take a...
  15. muzhogg


    Surely that ladder is evidence of #VICBIAS
  16. roacheee

    Opinion 2021 fixture I'd like to see.

    ....and then in the real world you got 7 home games and lost a home final to the pies....... ha ha ha #VICBIAS