Usage for hash tag: VICBIAS

  1. Soberian Tiger

    Oppo Camp What opposition scenarios do you want to see in 2021?

    Freo to finish eighth and eliminate Fifth Coast. #VICBIAS
  2. Jonesracing82

    Oppo Camp 2020 Premiership Salt Mine

    Richmond should go on Mythbusters Can't win away from the MCG - Busted! Home ground advantage is unfair advantage - Busted! #VICBIAS - Busted! 3 out of 4 beats the Cats greatest ever era!
  3. Biggie

    News Willie Rioli - Provisionally Suspended

    I wish this hadn’t of happened at all. Then we’d all be arguing about Ainsworth, Vardy, Brander #VICBIAS and Watermelons instead Wait this is still happening.... I need to delete someone’s account
  4. brett15

    Live Chat The Rugba League GF - Melbourne Salary Cap Cheats vs Penrith Hillbillies

    #VICBIAS confirmed
  5. Ronnie Baby

    Dangerfraud - worst finals performance ever

    Yet again Dangerfield shows what an overrated squib he is. That effort on Dusty with a few minutes to go was just weak as piss. Just another overhyped spud pumped up by the #VICBIAS media, but in reality he is a second rate spud.
  6. Wosh

    Think Tank Most GF losses in the AFL era

    Tim Kelly, cheat grounds...just need #VICBIAS and you’ve pretty much covered all the deflections :$
  7. Mister M

    Confirmed Marlion Pickett [re-signed until 2022]

    I agree with you--- he'd be a valuable contributor to the Korin Gamadji Institute due to his life experiences. I think old mate #VICBIAS thinks that a job at a WAFL club would be decent pay day, ignoring the fact that the AFL is very closely linked with Indigenous advocacy here in Melbourne...
  8. SunshineBoy

    Oppo Camp 2020 Premiership Salt Mine

    Blah blah blah Richmond, blah blah blah MCG, blah blah blah #VICBIAS
  9. brett15

    Live Chat Geelong v Richmond GF

    thought Geelong had us in the 2nd quarter, was always going to be hard to run this game out with both sides playing 4 finals In the end Team VicBias schooled the Allies West Coast defeated by Collingwood Port Adelaide defeated by Richmond Brisbane defeated by Geelong Team #VICBIAS Wins
  10. Ronnie Baby

    Live Chat Geelong v Richmond GF

    “Thanks to QLD for supporting our game” #VICBIAS
  11. HawkAussie

    Official Match Thread Season 30 Round 13: Coney Island Warriors vs Dragons FFC at Van Cortlandt Park

    People complaining about #VICBIAS but it's not in Victoria this year so that statement is completely wrong.
  12. NaturalDisaster

    Official Match Thread Season 30 Round 13: Coney Island Warriors vs Dragons FFC at Van Cortlandt Park

    Funny how its the first time since 2011 where two vic teams have played in a GF yet interstate supporters still cry about #VICBIAS
  13. LFC2010

    Roast Media Shakes Head, Part 7

    It doesn't fit the #VICBIAS in the media though does it.
  14. LFC2010

    Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 16

    The Victorian media wank fest is in full swing. "If Port Adelaide or Brisbane had made the GF their would've been an * against them if they won, now that 2 Vic clubs are in it their is no * as both teams have earned it". :rolleyes: #VICBIAS to the true meaning of it.
  15. RichLeMonde

    Why do interstate sides give away so many free kicks come Grand Final day?

    I think you should acknowledge that in 2013 and 2015 you only won because of the free kick differential generated by #VICBIAS.
  16. Coaster2012

    No More Excuses About Where The Grand Final Is

    How many games did Richmond play in Perth this year? I could swear WC and Freo hubbed as well? #VICBIAS
  17. captain blood 17

    Autopsy AFL 2020 Second Preliminary Final - Lions v Cats Sat October 17th 7:40pm AEDT/6:40pm AEST (Gabba) Match Highlights in OP

    and we would never have made it without the massive run we got at the MCG. #VICBIAS #thanksGil
  18. brett15

    Live Chat Geelong v Richmond GF

    go suck on a Mason, team #VICBIAS wins again :sunglasses:
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