Usage for hash tag: VICBIAS

  1. This Is Anfield


    I reckon Dean Margetts is one of those WC board nuffies who keep whining about #VICBIAS and WA finals… not sure which one.
  2. Elton Johns Wig

    The real Richmond supporter 2021 safehouse.

    He is lost in the sea of Wet Toast supporters trying to justify their Bradbury as an achievement (but thanks for beating Lollingwood) and confusing cries of #VICBIAS
  3. StFly

    Discussion Random Discussion (No Politics, Religion)

    First parts a given, it's NSW after all. #VICBIAS But yeah, they have both Scotty and Gladys in that region, never stood a chance.
  4. T

    Scandal Victorian AFL dominance leads to investigation?

    Hurr durr #VICBIAS
  5. kozi

    UEFA EURO 2020 (Italy Champions)

  6. Mister M

    Resource S31 Sign Up thread (with useful links)

    #VICBIAS #EddieRunsTheVFL
  7. mpal6

    Fixture Round 17 Fixture (Lions v Saints venue confirmed)

    ...than most. I'd say St.Kilda is having a better preparation run before this weekend game compared to us. It's fine if you don't like the #VICBIAS in the middle there, but it is a slap in the face when my club is disadvantaged to an even worse level but you don't here a peep from the media or AFL.
  8. Mister M

    Fixture Round 17 Fixture (Lions v Saints venue confirmed)

    If you wrote paragraph one and three without the #VICBIAS rant in the middle you might get a more agreeable response. What Brisbane has been through in 2021 has been difficult, but it's not a competition of "which club had it the hardest" because there's been multiple situations where clubs...
  9. Mister M

    News AFL Hubs 2.0

    How has a thread about AFL Hubs turned into the same #VICBIAS whinge we 50 times a year on the MB?
  10. A Cut Above

    Fixture AFL becomes the VFL again...sort of...

    ...belongs. Good. This will only improve the game. My only suggestion is we charge these interstate ferals rent for the privelidge. Then again most of their players are Victorians anyway, but that won't stop their fans bleating #VICBIAS. Frankly you heathens don't deserve to tread our hallowed...
  11. G

    Prediction Round 16: Changes Vs Carlton + pre-match discussion.

    What's the bet it's all systems go, nothing to see here for the game in Tassie next week. #VICBIAS.
  12. HTT

    Preview Richmond vs Gold Coast. Thursday 1st July 7:20pm @ Marvel Stadium

    First game at home all year #VICBIAS
  13. Nostradumbass

    News AFL Hubs in Victoria (cue the melts)

  14. beema limapep

    News AFL Hubs 2.0

    In B4 WestCoast melts. #VICBIAS
  15. beema limapep

    News AFL Hubs in Victoria (cue the melts)

  16. SavDog23


    AFL gonna move all interstate teams to Victoria. Ohhh the melts will be glorious! #VICBIAS