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  • Yep, that is my bike. Pic was taken at the Great Aussie Bight last October. We stopped for a captain cook on the way to Phillip Island.
    Yep, I am on PSB.
    Hey mate. Yeah, I have seen the third season, but I am yet to get it on dvd. Mr Susan and Milky Joe would have been awesome names. Mose (Dwight's cousin) is also an option.
    Nannageddon and Milky Joe are definitely up there with the best episodes. My favourite line in Milky Joe is Howard's remark in regards to Milky Joe: "The man's an ass!" Absolutely hilarious. I do not have any of their live shows, but I imagine they are bloody funny. However, I don't think you can go past Mr Susan in Season 1: "Look at them shine." :D
    You have great taste in television. Family Guy, The Mighy Boosh and The Office are all great programs. What is your favourite series of the Boosh? Mine would have to be series 1.
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