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  • looks like the gestapo have set in...

    Loved the Bill Hicks comment in the Miley Cyrus post man, funny stuff...pity the knuckleheads didn't appreciate it. It'd be easier to just smile, nod and agree with what everyone says man cause that's the 'true' nature of democracy!

    At least I now know what i want to do for a career, moderate an internet chat room, and enter into a nice cushy retirement having led a life of mediocraty...
    so hard to tell CK, inside i think its possible for us to make the 8. but im trying to be realistic...i think 10 wins would be around the mark. i'd probably accept that too, considering our 2008.
    Haha true, that is similiar to me. Also yeh its annoying when people say that you arent a 'real' fan if you dont go all the home games. what bullshit. So what are ya expecting from us this coming season?
    nope, i pretty much go to about half of our home games a year.

    im not really fussed, doesnt make me any less of a fan.

    its not like we need the money hey?
    i got work on the intraclub match day, i'll have to give that a miss. not long now til the opening nab cup match anyway, i'll most likely goto that one.
    My friends want me to go with them, apparently its an 'anything goes' sort of concert so it sounds alright but dont know if I have the time. You going to go to the intra-club match?
    yeah mate, tv on the radio are the main driving force behind me going to the bdo.

    gotta hate the festival w***er, i thought southbound wasnt that bad actually. summadayze on that sunday though...****
    Yeah, I discovered they're the kind that go to festivals to drink and complain about the abundance of non mainstream acts. :eek:

    There were a few w***ers about though, copped a punch to the face in the Hives. Slightly ridiculous, though I'm expecting a few w***ers at BDO too. Looking forward to TV on the radio and a few other bands there though.

    yeah the first day i didnt see that many quality acts, the drones were def the highlight. but the second day was pretty good, saw late of the pier who i rate highly and they were awesome.

    then the mystery jets who were so-so, i dont think their sound was that great. A-Track who played last in the tent was awesome. soko earlier in the day was not bad either.

    other than that there werent that many fantastic shows, but it was still a great 2 days.
    Yeah not really a discussion.

    Who'd you see at Southbound? Didn't know you had gone.

    My mates were pretty anti the drones when we went which disappointed me a bit. Had to force one of them to leave the house we were staying at early to take me into see them. :thumbsdown:
    yeah i saw both of those as well at southbound, i thought the drones were pretty amazing.

    i would've liked to of seen fourtet but when its up against girl talk...
    Sounds pretty similar to my day if I go. Saw AIH at Southbound and they were great, same with the Drones.

    Keen as to see girltalk but my mate that would be going wants to see four tet at the same time. Bummer for him.
    i had a look at the timetable and i reckon my day should go something like:

    born ruffians - under-rated band, their album is damn good
    no age - great new album, should be sick
    temper trap - they arent too bad, i'll check them out.
    stereolab or cut off your hands - i'll probably see stereolab
    the drones - must see
    architecture in helsinki - they put on a pretty good live show
    girl talk - no comment, one of the best live shows.
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