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  • Don't want to post any more in that thread but what was underwhelming?
    Always keen ;)

    Best of luck getting with Key's daughter. I expect the wedding invite later this month.
    PS - Why the blog question earlier?
    I saw the link when you posted in the RDT, which disappeared from your sig in your later posts.

    I'll get her one day, despite the fact I live in Adelaide...
    What are your SB tips doctor? Got a big ravens supporting mate that I want to win some money off.
    Nicks is one of the players I need to trade the least. Good points v Dollars.

    I cant really trade in enough with my cap the way it is to mitigate a wasted 200 bucks.
    Im just going to have to accept that my year's ruined, and go for the rebuild. Probably end up cutting alot of guys and eat the cap hit.
    Cheers. Its the last win i'll have in a long time though with ADP's injury.

    Whats the hit going to be to me to cut him?
    I meant the fake money, lol. Need to boost WR, was considering buying your cast offs, lol.

    I dont think ill win the thing. Cant see the Viks really putting all day back out there.
    I'm back now so I''l be working during most of Chrissy too, don't worry.

    Oh yeah, forgot to say I hit the mushies with these boys a few times and that's when those tunes really came into their own. Forget weed, some of those DJ's must have been tripping big time when they wrote that s**t.

    Mind you those Indo boys had their fair share of trippy music too - I came back with 6 gigs of s**t they put on stick drives for me.
    Hey bro, spent a month on an Indonesian island recently where a bunch of local boys running a beach bar adopted me as their brother and let me crash there for free with them every night (while sharing copious amounts of weed with me all day every day).

    Anyway, I loaded up my mini ipod with all those tunes you recommended to me and those boys loved it so much I ended up leaving it at the bar for them as a gift.
    Well, if they're BPA etc late, sure. Its just, when you're building your draft strategy it pays to keep longevity in mind early.

    E.g. how the heck McCoy lasted to me I still dont know. *Cue Larks calling it a reach.
    Had to know it was a risk with both of them though. Both are injury prone. Im scrapping my way through, but my draft was a bit of a disaster too offensively. Got no real value with Wayne after Peytons injury was revealed. McCoy's been my saving grace.
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