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  • Don't worry mate. You haven't held it up at all compared to some other. I just sent the message as a reminder, not a "hurry up" message.
    Sorry mate, I had PMd a list of multiple picks to someone, they either didn't see it or didn't realise it was my turn. Sorry told hold everything up.
    Autopicks: have we traditionally used the best scorers of the previous season, or the projections for the up coming season?
    Whats wrong?

    Mate, ive got precious little free time at the moment, and im generally using it updating the fantasy draft. I dont appreciate people attacking me for being behind in it. Im well aware of that. You of all people should know what a time consuming role it is. I would have thought that would have lead you towards supporting the person who is trying to do it, rather than joining the whinging chorus.

    You did a better job last year than ive been able to do this year. Congratulations. I dont need you popping up to remind people, or undermining me when I try to get people off my back.
    Hi sens

    Internet speed is between DSL 6000 and Cable speed up to 100 mbit/sec
    and prices are low cause the capacity is very good.
    Get TGBB to make you the LM in your ESPN BFFFL page, when he does that you will have LM capabilities on the ESPN page. Also, I'll change the Draft thread so that your name replaces TGBBs. Give me 10 mins.
    not too fussed Sens. If you want, why not.
    Just post in draft thread and i'll confirm.
    You do realise you could look back in future and say that this was the key trade that cost you that Championship!!! ;)
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