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  • Pretty good, stuck on my iPhone for a little bit so browsing forums is hard work, I'll reply to youre big PM soon. Where you been? Taking a hiatus?
    SEriously need to recheck my homepage, that picture is of Ryan Crowley, not Brett Peake!
    Tissue for the cry baby? wah wah wah? I'm just going to keep posting, because clearly you can't handle anything I say and HAVE to have a say on what I said. Pathetic really, maybe if you stopped following me around you might have your own intelligent thoughts for once.
    Thanks for the kind words mate ... didn't realise I'd got there.

    Likewise I enjoy reading your posts.
    Brilliant wasn't it? I loved the way their fans all assumed it would be an easy victory, loved the way the Liverpool fans were calling Roy gutless only to have both sets of no nothings proven wrong! Been an epic season for us, how did you come to follow Fulham?
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