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  • Hey hey, I was hunting a barcode if you still had one available? I'm heading over but was hoping to bring my Freo supporting but non-member gf with me.
    haha sounds like my kind of wedding! .. 1L vodka per person? sheesh that would hurt
    Awesome mate, going to wedding today. 1L vodka per person. Glasses at the table = two. 1x 30ml shot glass and 1x100ml shot glass. LOL.
    Oops - :eek::eek: now I actually look at the big picture (pun half intended) I can see that it is, in fact, Crowley and not Peaker. Talk about an embarassing mistaken identity (embarassing for Crowley I mean - Peake should be flattered that I confused him with someone as good as Crowley...)

    Seriously, next time I really should take a closer look...:eek::eek::D

    So gauch-goochy, are you going to change the pic on your visitor message page??:confused: Or will you still follow Brettski-slipski-upski at his new club?? :eek::eek:

    Or does the picture change happen after trade week/list finalisation?:D:D
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