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  • Your PM box is full :p

    I'm interested in 1.05 and best offer would probably revolve around my first next year (In a very deep draft).Not it but was just seeing if you were interested in future picks at all.
    I thought it would be a 3-4 going by the previous ablett injury of last year where a twisted ankle turned into a 4-5 weeker.

    Yeh i got Lewis just in time for his 58 a couple weeks ago haha!

    Still a long way to go i suppose but tis good to set myself up for a solid finish
    ah still going alright tho?

    im sitting alright in 48th but only 8 trades left.

    I traded Ablett to thinking he'd be more than 2 weeks, which hurts a tad.
    Ummm, P13 IIRC.


    I give us a better shot at the hawks than you blokes, Max matches up with Franklin.

    either way, yeh we'd probs both get done.

    Looking forward to it though, not at all confident, if Burns plays i'd say we are well and truly ****ed.

    He destroyed us in the contested stuff in round 19.
    lol you tell me :p
    I was sort of rushed at the very start because I was moving I didnt have the next for 2 weeks and as soon as I logged on I had to make both picks.
    lol had to be the two I wouldn't trade :p Oh well...

    Not interested in Boley at all?
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