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  • Yeah, been around the place for a while..

    You managed to have a run in with my alter ego a couple of times :D
    Nah... just for about 15 minutes some monday mornings, but too busy at work right now. Might get a chance during january to have a look now and again.

    And big congrats to you and your new wife! :)
    I hear congrats are in order mate :thumbsu:

    Hope you're going to make sure any kids grow up to be little Dockers. Beat it into them if you have to - it's for their own good.
    HA HA... there was just soooo many people around.... next time for sure!
    Im the shy quite type LMAO
    Damn straight SS.... I watched him up close at the Pies game and really wanted to get a photo with him at the meet and great but was a little to embarrassed.
    Yeah I know... Most of them are bandwagoners I suspect. They wouldn't have the courage to show there faces like we do in 13 if they were struggling.
    I have a theory that we have become rather redilient and skilled at troll, reverse troll and anti-troll posting in 13 fro our experience. it's all good fun, especially when you bait them so good they end up stomping up and down on the ground having a hissy fit typing we dont have any premierships... thats when you know you've got them generally.......:thumbsu:
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