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  • Would have followed up in the thread, but, we were all off topic. Hope things are cool, I wasn't trying to involve in any of the cranky parts of all the previous bits of discussion between a few parties, I was just going down the rabbit hole of the one word and it's use.
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    All good - I got you were pretty much tongue-in-cheek with your response, but some others get their claws in and aren't intelligent enough to see anything other than "see he's on our side too". Got on a bit of a roll, and JMT was pissing me off. lol
    Are you going to be back on Talking Dockers? The show is tanking without ya :)
    Not this year I don't think. Too much going on in my head... Needed a break.
    What's the good word IP?
    Hey Quinz... do you mean the good word as in "generally speaking' or the word of a more specific nature?
    I shall go look now. I have to be really careful about what I say at games...I'm not supposed to bag players, opposition players or umpires. Or other supporters.
    Thanks for doing the votes IP, I've been away since Thursday and only had access to BF through my iPhone (which is very hard to create threads and copy+paste when using) so thanks for creating that thread!
    Only one week left of school, does that mean we will be seeing some more of your special training reports? CP3 is doing fanastically in your absence though!
    Hey mate

    Are you interested in joining the bigfotoy fantasy footy league mate? - - its basically a fantasty fotoy league made up of teams and players from the big footy community...The games results are generated in a computer simulation application and then posted etc....Good fun league and some good banter too!

    The gumbies would love to have you - Sign up in our team thead if you are with your three preferred positions for the coming season etc. Our thread is located here -


    Geelong Gumbies Vice Captain :)
    It's sort of, it's run on a simulator. :) We have 6 teams, females as well as males play it. :thumbsu:

    The link is on my profile, if you're interested.
    Nice attitude pal. All I was doing was making a genuine inquiry about the injury status of a player that I rate highly. There was no need to act like a petulant schoolgirl. You need to relax.
    Yeah I think this site is the only thing keeping me sane. Every little tidbit of news and every training report (thanks heaps for those) helps ease the withdrawals and makes it seem like footy never actually goes away.

    Before I found this place the off-season used to drag on a looooooooot longer.

    Helps being a multi-sports fan too. Plenty of Liverpool games, American football and cricket to fill the void. They're all great but it's still not the same as watching Freo.

    I can't believe there's only a month to go!!! Gettin excited already - looking forward to another year of having my hopes dashed. :p
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