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  • Hi mate, currently playing with the furies. Played a couple of games late last season and gonna have another season with them. Thanks for the offer though.
    hey mate, your up in the LFFL draft, sorry I meant to message you after my pick but net decided to die a slow and painful death
    How keen are you?

    I was going to end it temporarily after the Mobbs, but if you are going to have a ripper interview then I might be able to squeeze you in.

    Or you could wait until round 5 when I am starting them up again.
    thanks, but no thanks. am swamped with fantasy comps etc, cant fit any more in.
    I don't blame you mate, but the Dragons are the reason I'm still playing in this league, and I know they need me, especially post-Axel losing half the posts. So thanks and good luck for the season, but do it without me.
    Its up to EBIAC. I could re-sim only because I'm not saving stats this season. In the past however 2 points have been added on to the affected team.
    Sure. Send me a PM with the details and I'll sign up. Played for a season a few years back so will be good to pull the boots on once again.
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